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  • The Main Reasons for Weight Gain and Obesity. How to Start Losing Weight Properly

    How we get used to things that don't work

    We are taught that the main reasons for being overweight are a lot of food and little exercise. And this is not to mention the allegedly weak willpower! But it's not that simple. Because if this mantra worked flawlessly, then there would be no more problem of excess weight, right? After all, everyone who is overweight, at least once, tried to follow this advice!

    Now it is more fashionable
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  • Intermittent Fasting on the Keto Diet - the Most Effective Way for Weight Loss

    Today, there are many different diets - and each seems to be exceptional. In fact, many of them are built on a simple fundamental principle - calorie restriction. And there is a scientific basis for this.

    Intermittent fasting in combination with a ketogenic (low-carb) diet is one of the most effective diets for weight loss and health benefits. Keep reading and find out why.

    Facts about intermittent fasting....
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  • How to Lose Weight in Hips, Arms, Butt, Face or Can We Choose Where to Lose Weight Specifically?

    Probably, there are practically no people on earth who would not like to change something in their appearance.

    Analysis of search queries like "how to lose weight in the legs/hips/face, etc." shows what is most often not satisfied: thighs, butt, shoulders, face, stomach, calves, arms, and cheeks …

    Among the questions to Google, there are also such: "how to lose weight in the face so that cheekbones appear and cheeks sunken.&qu
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  • Do I Need to Count Calories on the Keto Diet?

    Do I Need to Count Calories on the Keto Diet?

    In this article, we look at how the microbiota, the way food is prepared and even sliced affects calories, why the calorie theory doesn't work, and if there is a way to calculate calories on the ketogenic diet.

    Keto adherents often repeat: "Eat when you are hungry until you feel full".

    The keto diet gives you freedom - from food stalls, from endless snacks, from the need to think about where and when you can get food next time.
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  • Yohimbine for Weight Loss: an Effective Fat Burner or Just a Fake?

    Yohimbine for Weight Loss: an Effective Fat Burner or Just a Fake?

    The reason for its "effectiveness", in a hypnotic overseas name or African roots, is not clear. In this article, we will introduce you to the opinion of scientists regarding the benefits of yohimbine for weight loss, as well as the possible side effects of its use.

    The weight loss industry is inflating like a balloon. This is especially true for magic pills for weight loss - fat burners.

    On Amazon, there are over 6,000 items of weight loss drugs…
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  • The Harm of Natural Fat Burners and Their Side Effects: What Makes Natural Supplements Dangerous?

    Fat burners seem a convenient means of losing weight for those who do not want to change something in their lifestyle.

    A systematic but steady increase in the number of overweight people in modern society creates the necessary conditions for the prosperity of the market for these and similar tablet solutions.

    The idea of "eating what you want and in what quantities you want, and at the same time losing weight or, at least, not gaining weight"
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  • What is the Danger of Body Positivity? The Flip Side of a Popular Movement

    Avoiding extremes is not so easy. Not everyone can cope.

    Body positivity is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. It would seem that such a movement should have saved us from the problems associated with the cult of thinness and the notorious standards of society.

    And in many ways, a positive attitude to the body has borne fruit. First, the concept of beauty has clearly expanded.

    Now on fashion shows and magazine
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  • What Are Fat-soluble Toxins and How to Remove Them or Why You Feel Worse During Weight Loss

    Some people feel so bad during weight loss that they fall back into their old habits. Is this psychological discomfort in response to the reduction in tasty food junk in the diet? Or is there a physiological basis for this?

    Today, of all the factors involved, we will single out a special one. And we'll tell you how to reduce its influence so that you don't give up your transformation. As you already understood, we will talk about fat-soluble toxins.

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  • Self-test: 9 Months on Keto. My Personal Experience With the Ketogenic Diet

    If someone had told me a year ago that I could easily live for nine months without sugar and almost without carbohydrates, without suffering, I would have laughed. Not possible!

    However, when photos from another trip returned me to the cold reality, I decided to try a serious diet for the first time in my life.

    I didn't like low–calorie systems – it's always a lack of strength and energy, calorie counting works when there is time for it,
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  • The Excess Weight of a Pregnant Woman Changes the Child's Brain, Threatening Its Mental Health

    What is the danger of excess weight of a mother during pregnancy for a child?

    Judging by the images of overweight "primitive Venus"," healthy " fatness once served as an indicator of physical and social well-being.

    However, today excess weight is becoming a problem: in industrialized countries, such as the United States, scientists are already talking about an epidemic of obesity.

    And this problem is not aesthetic or
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  • How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise - Natural and Science-based Approach

    It is widely believed that to lose belly fat, you simply need to do as many abs exercises as possible.

    It's safe to say that this will definitely help build strong abs... which, however, no one will be able to evaluate until you will not remove fat from your belly.

    Strong abdominal muscles not only create an attractive appearance, improve your self-esteem. They also stabilize the spine, relieving stress and reducing the likelihood
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  • Walking vs. Running: Why Walking is Better for Health and Weight Loss?

    Walking vs. Running: Why Walking is Better for Health and Weight Loss?

    You don't have to run. US scientists found out this in 2016. Today, their theory has many supporters.

    Running is now one of the most popular sports. This is a relatively simple and affordable way to keep fit.

    However, walking at a fast pace, according to some experts, is much more beneficial for health: it helps prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system and has fewer contraindications. Let's find out how walking at a fast pace affects the
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  • 382 Days Without Food - the Real Story of a Man Who Desperately Wanted to Lose Weight

    Angus Barbieri before and after 382 days-long fast

    Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 days. The record he achieved is listed in the Guinness book of records. Let's find out what prompted the man to take such a risky step and how he was able to live without food for so long.

    Angus's weight loss story began when he was placed in the Maryfield Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. The event took place in 1965. In European clinics, the following practice already existed: for
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  • 8 Reasons Why You Don't Lose Weight on Keto

    8 Reasons Why You Don't Lose Weight on Keto

    The keto diet is becoming more and more popular among those who want to lose weight. Happy followers of the keto diet post their success stories on social networks. This motivates others to join the general weight-loss craze. And pictures don't lie - keto has transformed a lot of people in an incredible way!

    But what if, despite all your efforts, you don't lose weight? If keto worked for all these people and you follow the same rules, but something
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  • Top 10 Most Amazing Examples of Weight Loss - Before and After

    Top 10 Most Amazing Examples of Weight Loss - Before and After

    In two years, she not only got her cholesterol levels in order but also lost weight from 335 to 156 lbs (152 to 71 kg).

    "Keto has helped me lose weight and keep it off!"

    Minus one and a half years and 264 lbs (120 kg)

    This girl's weight problems began in her teens. In six months she lost more than 110 lbs (50
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