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  • For the First Time, the WHO Recommended Physical Activity for Those Who Sit a Lot

    A sedentary lifestyle, compounded by the pandemic's quarantine, increases the likelihood of premature death. However, this harm to health can be compensated for by increased physical activity, experts from the World Health Organization write.

    The advice to lead a more active lifestyle and spend more time on exercise to maintain health is hardly a medical breakthrough, but this is the first time such advice is being made at the level of the World Health Organization.
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  • Seven Types of Cancer That Can Be Prevented by Physical Activity

    Seven Types of Cancer That Can Be Prevented by Physical Activity

    After conducting a large-scale meta-analysis of nine scientific studies covering 750,000 people, US researchers have compiled a list of cancers that can be reduced by exercise.

    Moreover, for some of them, the risk is lower the more intense the activity.

    Scientists have long known that physical activity is associated with a low risk of developing certain cancers.

    However, it was unclear if there was a causal relationship and how much time
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  • Even a Short Physical Activity Can Boost Your Brain Power

    Even a Short Physical Activity Can Boost Your Brain Power

    We know that physical activity improves health, protects against obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. But the beneficial effects of exercise extend not only to our body but also to our mind.

    It has long been known that exercise breaks during mental work improve performance.

    You might think that exercise, like any change in activity, simply allows the brain to get distracted and rest, but in fact, exercise itself directly affects the brain.
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  • Sport as Reliable Protection Against Diseases

    Sport as Reliable Protection Against Diseases

    There is a simple and reliable way to protect yourself from diseases. These are physical activity, exercise, sports.

    Illness is a crime against oneself! So, don't be a criminal! Avicenna said: "Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movement."

    Sport gives a feeling of muscle joy and emotional lift.

    Lifestyle changes can rejuvenate body tissues. Many disorders in the body that occur due to low physical activity
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