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  • Top 8 Myths About Immunity

    Top 8 Myths About Immunity

    The very concept of "immunity" was born in the 19th century thanks to the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur and the Russian scientist I. Mechnikov.

    At first, however, immunity was understood as the body's immunity to infectious diseases.

    But already from the middle of the 20th century, as a result of research work, it was proved that immunity protects the body not only from microbes but also from any other genetically foreign
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  • The Immune System - How the Keto Diet Affects Immunity: Modern Research, My Experience, and Tips

    How does the keto diet affect the immune system and does it affect it at all? What research is there on this topic?

    Research, experience, and tips for those who have decided to start the keto diet and are thinking about their immunity.

    The effect of the keto diet on viral diseases. Research by scientists

    Keto as a means of fighting viruses

    In this part of the article, I will
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