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How to increase traffic to your site via social networks

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  • How to increase traffic to your site via social networks

    To increase the traffic of your site there are no miracle solutions To make yourself known and gain visibility you need to share the content of your site and/or your blog. And what better than to do it on social networks? With engaging and quality content , you will hold the attention of your audience who will be happy to share it. Here's how to increase traffic to your site through social media: 1- Choose the appropriate platform(s) Facebook , Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube…. These are all interesting platforms unless you know how to use them and adapt them to your business.

    For example if you are a photographer and want to promote your photos and your book online favor Instagram Pinterest or Facebook. If you are a communication Country Email List agency making promotional videos Youtube will be perfectly suited. Anyway, the choice of platform must be relevant, depending on the media strategy that you have decided to put in place upstream. 2 – Implement a content marketing strategy The content of your site must be optimized and of high quality Offer rich and relevant content (infographics, guides, interviews, videos, etc.) for your audience so that they can share them. Use catchy titles : favor numbers, sentences starting with how…, where to find… etc.

    Finally illustrate your articles with powerful images this will lead to the sharing of these. Provide sharing buttons The structure of your site is also important, provide sharing buttons on the pages of your site and blog so that Internet users can share them easily. 3 – Increase the traffic of your site: post and share your content! Social networks Thanks to social networks you can share all your content and engage your community. The more interesting your content is, the more it will be shared and the more your traffic will increase. Considering the following points will allow you to boost your traffic: Make your site link appear on all your profiles Putting a link on your profiles is good for your SEO but also for your traffic.
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