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Google Maps Starts Spotlighting Women-Led Businesses!

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  • Google Maps Starts Spotlighting Women-Led Businesses!

    The update took place today on International Women's Day and now allows the business to indicate, on the Google My business panel, whether the business is led, founded or owned by a woman. Today promotes visibility for women, however, initiatives like this ensure that this is something lasting and really makes a difference. Learn how the novelty works and why it is so important in the scenario in which we live: How to identify female-led companies The description of the information will appear in Google Maps searches. And, they join existing tags, as in the image: female led google tag The context of the Google initiative This action is part of Google's initiative to create business opportunities for women, connecting them with the online world.

    In this regard the Google spokesperson made the following statement We've all used Google Images to do more visual searches. Whether it's to come up with project ideas to build a house, or even to learn how to tie a tie. In these cases, we know that images can be much more relevant to users than text content. And, because Whatsapp Mobile Number List of that, Google is constantly trying to help in the ranking of images that really solve problems and doubts of its users. The new update of the search engine is precisely focused on this topic. From now on, to help even more in the visual response of the content through the image, Google has added titles as captions in the images of its search engine.

    According to the search engine adding more information around the images generates clearer and more relevant results, helping to solve users' doubts more quickly. The latest updates in this context, carried out last year, were to add tags such as “revenue” and “product” to certain ads. In addition, the URLs of the domains of each result were also added so that the user knows the source of the image.when announcing the new attribution: “We strive to organize the world's information to include all people. We added the “women-led” attribute to empower women-led businesses to succeed online and help people find places to visit using Google Maps and Google search.” Analyzing the Brazilian market, even with all the progress and initiatives proposed to improve the numbers of women in leadership positions, only 37% of management and management positions are held by women.​
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