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Inbound Marketing on Youtube How to Do It

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  • Inbound Marketing on Youtube How to Do It

    Imagine being able to get inside your potential customers' heads and discover: what kind of doubts do they have? What problems do you face? Where do you want to go? As the second most used search engine in the world, youtube has become a “ digital confessional ” where people search for solutions to questions or problems they don't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else (not even their own acquaintances). Setting up an inbound marketing strategy that takes advantage of opportunities like this has become one of the best ways to get your business found — and to sell to those who matter! So what are you waiting for? Stay here with me to understand how to do inbound marketing on youtube and enjoy the best of it.

    The definitive handbook of inbound marketing what is inbound marketing? Also called "new marketing", inbound marketing is a methodology in which a company starts by making valuable content available on the most varied digital marketing channels , such as blogs, social networks and even youtube . In other words: instead of Whatsapp phone number list spending resources (or exhausting the patience of others) pushing superficial sales at inopportune moments, inbound marketing offers “bait” and invests in personalized communication based on the permission to speak directly with the attracted people. Once these people become leads by also consuming what we call rich materials , then the opportunity arises to build a trusting relationship between the company and these potential customers.

    By observing the interactions of leads in this relationship it is possible to segment groups of leads (with different tastes and behaviors) to indicate which ones are closer to buying , and which ones still need to be nurtured before receiving a commercial proposal. After the purchase, inbound marketing still makes it possible to delight the customer even more, until the company achieves his loyalty . Sounds great, doesn't it? Tip: leads: what are they, how to generate and nurture them? Why do inbound marketing on youtube? After google, youtube is now the second most accessed search engine on the internet — resulting in billions of views a day ! Doing inbound marketing on youtube is a fantastic strategy.​
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