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Keto Diet Of Alicia Vikander


  • Keto Diet Of Alicia Vikander

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    Guys! There won't be anyone out there who doesn't know the Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. Lara Croft's real name is Alicia Vikander, and she is a Swedish actress.

    Viaknder started her career as a child in minor stage productions, and she also had training in ballet dancing at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

    Her professional career gained fame by the film The Danish Girl, and it gave her global recognition. Alicia Vikander is 31 and has attained many awards, including the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in "The Danish Girl."

    Alicia Vikander got nominated for more than 70 awards from which she has won 30. Some of the awards achieved by Alicia Vikander are:
    • Academy Awards (The Danish Girl, 2016)
    • Austin Film Critics Association (Ex Machina, 2015)
    • Chicago Film Critics Association (Ex Machina, 2015)
    • Detroit Film Critics Society (The Danish Girls, 2015)
    • Empire Awards (The Danish Girl, 2016)
    • Marrakech International Film Festival (Hotell, 2013)

    This list of awards describes the success of Vikander at the age of just 31.

    Alicia Vikander is not only known for her acting, but she's also known to have a beautiful and magnetic body with the best health. She's the ideal of many girls for having a spectacular and stunning body, for which many girls desire to have.

    She has a slim smart, and captivating physique, which is not only required by her industry but for her too. If she doesn't take care of her physique, then she will not be a part of the glamour industry. All the fame she has gathered will be ruined. So, to maintain her popularity and health, she takes care of her very much.

    What are the secrets behind her unusual and compelling shape?

    Are you anxious to know the secrets behind her astonishing body structure?

    Do you have a desire to look like Alicia Vikander?

    Then stay tuned, you are just at the right place to fulfill your desire.

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    Alicia Vikander - An Irresistible Personality

    What is the thing which makes the personality of Alicia Vikander irresistible? It's her hard work and reliable determination towards her goal. As described prior, if she doesn't care about her health and physique, she won't be able to sustain in the entertainment industry. It is the main requirement of the theater industry to look glamorous and attractive.

    To have a body structure like Vikander, one must have commitment and energy to have the perks which she's enjoying. If you can dream to have a body like Alicia, then you surely can have it. As Walt Disney has said,

    "If you can dream it, you can do it."

    Nothing in this world is impossible until or unless your mind accepts that thing as impossible.
    Your firm commitment will lead you to success, and you will have a captivating body like Vikander.

    Secrets Behind The Curves Of Alicia Vikander

    Guys! Are you eager to know the secrets behind the body curves of and slim smart physique of Alicia Vikander? Then you must follow the things which I’m going to describe ahead but few things I will mention here. First one, you will have to be sincere with yourself.

    Second, you will surely have to stop your cravings of eating those things which cause obesity. And the third one is to stick to the plan of Alicia Vikander.

    Look! Set your milestones to achieve your goals. Struggle hard to attain those milestones, and the rest is yours. A slim, smart, and fascinating body is desperately waiting for you.

    "Nothing of great value ever comes without struggle and hardship."

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    Heading To The Top-Secret Body

    Guys! It seems that you are too eager to know the body secrets of Alicia Vikander. Right? Oh! There's nothing like a top-secret. Vikander did something which has been done by many showbiz personalities and ordinary people.

    Your favorite actress, Alicia Vikander, did the keto diet to maintain herself healthy and charming. Many people around the globe do this famous keto, and they have its benefits in the shape of an attractive and slim smart body.

    If you're older and you don't categorize yourself as a teenage girl or a girl, then don't get upset. I have a very surprising thing for you. Keto not only gives perks to those who are overweight, but it is also very best for those people who are worried about their increasing aging factor and have wrinkles on their skin. We will discuss this later. Stay tuned!

    Ketogenic Diet

    The ketogenic diet or better known as keto is a diet that emphasizes the low intake of carbohydrates, high fat, and proteins in your food. So, what is the reason behind this?

    Least you have known is that you take low-carb nutrition in the keto diet, but you don't see the reason. The reason to take low-carb food is to allow your body to burn fats to consume energy. Your body is used to get power from the carbohydrates, and the fats you intake are not burned, which causes obesity.

    When your body starts to get minimum carbs up to as low as 25 gram/day, then your body starts to break fats in your body to get energy. This process is known as ketosis, and the intake of low-carb, high fats and proteins in diet is known as keto or ketogenic diet.

    By following this diet, you will have massive weight loss in your body, and you will start to love yourself. It will boost your confidence.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

    A new way of living is waiting for you where people will praise you, and you will feel proud of yourself.

    Is Weight Loss The Only Thing Which Keto Gives?

    Many of you will be having this question in your mind, and its answer is negative. A Keto nutrition plan gives not only massive weight loss but also has sound effects on some deadliest diseases. Those diseases are:
    • Epilepsy
    • Diabetes
    • Some types of cancer
    • Improves acne
    • Migraine

    Keto offers some other benefits such as enhanced mental health, control over your appetite, youthful skin, and gives you ageless beauty.

    Girls! I’m sure about one thing that no one of you wants to look aged. Every one of you wants to look charming and have an enchanting body like Alicia Vikander, but there's no commitment to achieve those looks.

    "Making decisions without having a real commitment with them is one of the people's main causes of frustration."

    Yes, guys! Don't get frustrated; just commit to your decision and wait for the results.

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    Keto - Things to do!

    Beforehand, you have to understand the basic rule of keto, which is the core of the keto-nutrition plan. You only have to eat meals which have low carbohydrates, high fats, and proteins in it. It will give you a physique like Lara Croft of Tomb Raider, and you will confine yourself to a ketogenic lifestyle.

    On keto, you can have many delicious things to eat, which will kill your desire to eat those foods which cause obesity. Alicia Vikander had her favorite things to eat in keto.

    I’m going to tell you some eatables which have low-carbs and high fats and proteins and won't let you get frustrated. Some of the foods are:
    • Organic butter
    • Cheese
    • Vegetable (few to adjust the carbs to 25 gram/day)
    • Seafood
    • Eggs (boiled, fried, omelet, etc.)
    • Chicken (Boiled or grilled)
    • Meat
    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Almond oil
    • Almonds
    • Walnuts
    • Fish

    This much food you can eat, and there's no room left for frustration.

    Things You Must Restrain From

    There is much food you can eat on keto following ketogenic rules, which is low-carb nutrition, besides you also have to restrain yourself from some feeds which are unhealthy for your body and make you gain weight.
    Those things include:
    • You must not eat any kind of processed food.
    • Say no to carbohydrates and eat blueberries and blackberries.
    • No bread, pasta, rice, pastries, or and cookies.
    • Distance yourself from fast food as it is the primary source of fat on your body.

    By avoiding these things, you will achieve wonderful and sensational looks like Alici Vikander.

    Be Bold; Take The Step!

    But what if you make the decision today to start keto and ensure your firmness with your choice?

    If you do so, then success is waiting for you in the shape of gorgeous looks and magnetic body curves. You will have ultra hot looks like Alicia Vikander, which will shock your haters.

    "People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes on the wheels of progress." - Dale E. Turner

    Alicia Vikander could have chosen the path of taking steroids to lose weight or went through some plastic surgery to have an ageless beauty, and it could have done with less effort. Still, she went through the keto nutrition plan and achieved a masterclass body for her Lara Croft role in Tomb Raider.

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    Brace Yourself To Go With Vikander's Keto Plan

    Now guys! I’m going to tell you the low-carb nutrition plan of Alicia Vikander that might help you to stay mentally comfortable on your keto path. The basic formula of Vikander's diet is to consume low-carb, high fats, and proteins in your diet to lose weight and get a convincing body shape.

    Alicia Vikander hired a trainer named Magnus for herself who gave her ketogenic diet meals and trained her for the workout in the gym, and it was commonly known as "Magnus Method."

    The meals which were consumed by Alicia Vikander are:
    • Fish
    • Seafood
    • Veggies containing carbs lesser than 25 grams
    • Blueberries
    • MCT oil
    • Avocados
    • Coconut oil

    Magnus also cuts out the grains, legumes, root vegetables (potato, turnip, carrot, etc.), almost all fruits and dairy products from the diet of Alicia Vikander.

    Vikander's trainer told in an interview while talking about low-carb nutrition:

    "Since we were traveling so much over the holidays, we decided the keto diet would be best because it's easier to control the macros that way."

    Hello Mums! Are You Feeling Fatty?

    Although Alicia is married but has no kids yet, she's 31, and at this age, many of the girls have gained fat and are confused about what to do. The same is the case for mothers who don't have time for their health and have gained weight that they seek no way out from this poison.

    It is time to get rid of fleshiness and adopt a lifestyle like Alicia Vikander. Keto will not only reduce your weight but will also give a break to your age and enhance your beauty.

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    Reason For Aging

    The primary and foremost reason for aging is consuming sugary products. Guys! If you have a sweet tooth and love to eat products containing sugar, then you must cut out the sugary products from your food list.

    Researches have proved that sugar is the leading cause of obesity, and obesity leads you to many diseases as it is known to be the mother of all conditions. Consumption of sugary products also leads to wrinkles on the face and reduces the elasticity of your skin. So you need to stop the use of sweet products.

    Will it be good to hear that you couldn't get rid of obesity just because of your affection towards sugar?

    Do you have the courage to overcome the sugar cravings to have a smoky and classy body like Alicia Vikander?

    "You cannot swim for new horizons until you dare to lose sight of the shore." - William Faulkner

    If it is challenging for you to resist eating sugary products, then there is a solution for it too. I have come with keto-friendly cookie dough bars.

    • Soft butter sticks
    • Keto-friendly sugar
    • Pure vanilla extract
    • Kosher salt
    • Almond flour
    • Keto-friendly chocolate chips
    • Coconut oil
    • Flaky sea salt


    Take a large bowl and put butter, sugar, vanilla, and salt and beat it by hand with a mixer until it's light and fluffy. Beat the almond flour and pour a cup of chocolate chips in the bowl.

    Take a pan with cooking spray. Line with parchment, and spray parchment with cooking spray. Spread the cookie dough in the pan. Combine the coconut oil and remaining chocolate chips and microwave it lightly. Keep stirring it until it becomes smooth and pourable.

    Pour the chocolate on the cookie dough layer. Garnish it with flaky sea salt and place it in the freezer to harden.

    When it's hard, it's ready to serve. Remove it from the baking dish and cut it into bars.

    I hope it will work for the people having affection for sugary products.

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    Become Your Motivation

    Young ladies! You are your motivation. Nothing will work until you are not motivated to do something. Jobs you might have achieved without motivation are just coincidence. Even you know this better.

    When you start heading towards your goal, many people will come to demotivate you, and you will have to listen to many rubbish things, but you will have to stay firm at that moment. Don't put an ear on anyone's scrap; just do what you are meant to do.

    After getting the perfect results, you can shut the mouths of your critics. And all those critics will become fans of yours. People will take you as an example.

    You will love yourself more than before and will start to care for yourself more. There is no chance then to leave keto.

    Some Core Benefits

    Keto gives many benefits to its friends, but some core benefits include:
    • The most satisfying benefit that keto gives is in the shape of massive weight loss
    • Get a chance to look like Lara Croft
    • Have natural and fresh skin
    • Chance to look younger by giving a break to your age
    • Cures some dangerous diseases like cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and migraine
    • Reduces cholesterol, which improves your health
    • Increases your immune system

    Make Keto Enjoyable And Healthy

    The first thing to discuss is health. If you are eager to have looked like Alicia Vikander, then you must cut love for junk food from your life. It's the key to success in keto. If you go on with keto while eating junk food, then there's no need for keto.
    • No junk food
    Junk food and processed food make you fat and increase your cholesterol, which is not suitable for your health. Fast food is just another name of a disease. So stay away from processed and junk food.
    • Grab some tasty snacks
    Girls! You must have some delicious meals with you every time to satisfy your cravings. Grab some keto-friendly snacks to fill your appetite.
    • Interact with keto community
    Keto is a globally recognized diet that has satisfied many people by its traits. There are many groups on Facebook related to ketogenic nutrition, where people interact with each other and share their experiences. You may find many delicious recipes to eat in keto, which won't let you face boredom. You will feel energetic every time.
    • Tell your experience to others
    While on keto, do tell your ongoing expertise to your friends who are facing the abuse of obesity. Tell them the advantages of keto, motivate them to take the keto, and look fantastic. Take the pictures of your meals and post on Snapchat and Instagram stories, as it will motivate you as well as your followers. It is just like killing two birds with one stone.

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    Keto Is Not A Prison

    Many of the people who take keto stop themselves from going out, meeting with friends, attending social events, etc. Low-carb nutrition is not a prison guy. It just tells you the way to eat; you are not bound to stay in your houses.

    Go wherever you want, just only stick to the low-carb, high fat, and protein diet.

    Test Your Patience And Courage

    Keep the words of Magnus in your mind in which he told about the struggle of Vikander,

    "It was a high-fat diet, not even low-carb. It's always tricky the first couple of days, but Alicia's willpower is unbelievable, and she didn't complain, even though I could see she was struggling a little bit. She kept on bringing every day."
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