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Keto Diet of Adriana Lima - Ageless Beauty


  • Keto Diet of Adriana Lima - Ageless Beauty

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    Some people have pet names which are more famous than their real name. We are going to talk about the same personality whose pet name got more fame than her real name. Yes! You are guessing it right. We are talking about Adriana Lima, better known as Victoria’s Secret Angel.

    Adriana Lima remained the longest-running model and named “The most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2017. She’s the brand ambassador of many products including:
    • Maybelline Cosmetics
    • Super Bowl
    • Kia Motors Corporation
    • Desigual
    • Calzedonia
    • Sportmax

    Currently, Lima is an ambassador for IWC, Puma, and Chopard.

    At the age of just 15, she won Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil competition and in the next year, took 2nd place in the same game.

    In the list of “New Supers”, she’s ranked as a “New Super.” She’s the world’s second-highest-paid model.

    Lima is a living example for all girls because she has maintained her youthful beauty and has an attractive personality.

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    Adriana Lima - Ageless beauty

    Adriana Lima, better known as Victoria’s Secret Angel, is 38. She is attractive and ideal for many girls. At the age of 38, she looks more beautiful and has a charming personality than many teenage girls.

    Her slim smart body and her charming looks are driving many people crazy to know the secrets behind. She did something unique and special with herself to obtain an ultra-slim and captivating body.

    Girls! Do you want an intriguing and charismatic body like her?

    Is there any curiosity developing inside you?
    In 2018, Lima started the keto diet to look beautiful and gorgeous. Do you think about the reasons behind this decision?

    Victoria’s Secret Angel - An Inspiration

    To reap the title of “Victoria’s Secret Angel '' and to hold it for years is not a piece of cake. It requires hard work, dedication, and self-restriction.

    What was the reason that Adriana Lima remained Victoria’s Secret Angel for so long?

    It was because of her beauty and a fit body physique that she held the title for an extended period.

    Don’t you girls dream of having a body shape like Adriana?

    It is not impossible. Everything in the world is possible for which you dream of. It is just a matter of commitment to yourself and your dream. Do work hard and let the hard work shout louder.

    “You get what you work for, not what you wish for.”

    There is a big difference between wishing and working to accomplish that wish. You just not only have to hope, but you also have to work hard like Adriana Lima. There is no way out from hard work if you are eager to attain a body physique like Adriana.

    What’s the confidential thing behind her beauty?

    Girls! If you want to have a ravishing body like Adriana Lima, then you will have to follow the footsteps of your ideal. There is no other way to succeed.

    If you dare to take this mighty step, then congratulations! You are done with half of the work.

    Hidden Secret!

    What is the hidden secret behind her fascinating beauty? There’s nothing like a hidden secret. The path which you are going to follow is followed by many others and has given a 100% success rate to those who firmly stood by this path.

    In 2018, Adriana Lima started keto to make her body captivative and attractive and to lose weight.
    Girls! If there’s a desire in your heart to lose weight, then go with the ketogenic diet of Adriana. It will put your body in an attractive and gorgeous shape and allows you to stay young.

    It not only enhances your body and lessens your weight but also immunes your body from different lethal diseases.

    Don’t confuse yourself; nothing’s difficult here. We are going to tell you everything about keto.

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    About the Keto diet!

    We are well aware of the questions murmuring in your mind about keto. Like, what is the ketogenic diet?

    How does it work?

    What are the rules to do keto?

    We have all the solutions to your queries. The low-carb diet, better known as the keto or ketogenic diet has some essential rules to follow. On keto, you only have to lessen the intake of carbohydrates in your food and increase the absorption of high proteins and fats.

    Many physicians recommend low-carb ration as it not only reduces weight but also enhances your immune system to fight with some deadliest diseases. Those diseases include:
    • Epilepsy
    • Diabetes
    • Migraine
    • Acne
    • Some types of cancer

    Working Principle of Keto

    The working principle is straightforward. You just have to make a low-carb and high fat and protein diet. It might trouble your body for 2 to 3 days. You might have a headache, body pain, and keto flu. But after 2-3 days, your body will start to adjust to this diet.

    Your body is used to take energy from carbohydrates. But on keto, when you intake low-carb food, the body will start to breakdown the proteins and fats to consume energy. The burning of fat will result in the weight loss of the human body.

    Girls! In a concise period, you will be able to reduce your weight by many pounds and see the best results. This diet can reduce your weight more than any other diet plan.

    People nowadays take steroids to reduce their weight and do plastic surgery to look beautiful and attractive. People choose a way that has many side effects and wastes your money.

    On the other hand, there is a ketogenic nutrition plan, which is human-friendly and has no side effects. It provides the best result in a few days.

    Adriana said in an interview while talking about the low-carb diet,

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    “Definitely zero carbs for sure.”

    Guys! You require this type of dedication level. If you are dedicated enough with your body, then you will surely go with the keto plan of Adriana Lima, which we are going to reveal ahead.

    Adriana Lima’s Diet Plan

    The diet plan of Adriana was strictly based upon:
    • No sugars
    • No dairy
    • Zero carb
    • Green veggies
    • Protein shakes
    • Chicken (steamed or grilled)

    Lima believed in zero carbohydrates. Low carb was not an option for Victoria’s Secret Angel. It was either all in or nothing.

    “No excuses. No explanation. You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.”

    -Tony Dungy

    So girls! Are you ready to execute your plans, or you want to be performed by obesity and early old age factors?

    A Surprising Fact

    Are you aware that Adriana is the mother of two adorable children?

    Was it a surprising fact for you?

    It should be if it’s not. Because Lima is 38, and at this age, she has a perfect and sound body that no one can even say that she’s of this age.

    How many of you girls aging between 25 to 38 have a body like her?

    If you want to attain a body like Adriana, you will have to come out of your comfort zone and do something to achieve your goal. You only just have to maintain your diet, as Adriana did. There are no rigorous rules for keto. Only you have to intake low-carb, high fats, and proteins to reduce your weight and look like your supermodel Adriana.

    What’s the thing which doesn’t allow you to be serious with your health? You must have to adopt good habits of intaking healthy food in your body, which will be very beneficial for you in the long run. It will make your life beautiful and prosperous.

    Reverse Gear to Your Age!

    Yes! You read it very right. Reverse gear to your age. But how? Reverse gear to your age is possible by your low-carb nutrition. Keto is not only responsible for reducing weight but is also actively accountable for slowing down the aging process.

    If you have a craze to look young at the age of 40, then commit with ketogenic ration and see the results, which will surely make you crazy and won’t allow you to leave keto ever.

    The foremost Reason for aging

    On keto, you have to cut down the consumption of all sugary products from your diet. In recent researches, it has been scientifically proven that consumption of sugar increases the aging factor.

    If you love sugary products or have cravings for sweet products, then you must have to overcome your desires. Do you want to see failure just because you love sugary products?

    You can overcome this habit as nothing is impossible. You will have to choke your desires to have a fascinating and charming body and health like Adriana Lima.

    Remember the famous saying,

    “No pain, no gain.”

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    Come out of thinking syndrome and stick to your plan to go with keto. You will love yourself once you see the results of low-carb nutrition.

    “I’m looking to my future. When I get older, I want to be in shape. And also, working out is a great source of detox, you know? You sweat out all the toxins; the impurities come out. Also, it helps with your mood; you look great, it helps with your skin, and it helps with my immune system too. I never get sick when I work out. I have more energy. Working out should be a part of everybody’s routine. I know sometimes you don’t have time, that’s why I love jumping rope, because you can take it with you anywhere and you don’t need to do it, like, one hour. You can do it for ten minutes, and it’s like 45 minutes of running. So take your pace; you don’t need to do it fast, double turns, and all that, you don’t need that.”Lima said in an interview.

    This is the level of zeal and devotion of your supermodel. Follow your ideal to look like her. It will be difficult at the start, but you will see your hard work pays.

    Necessary plans!

    Keto is an easy-going diet with several benefits to health. You are allowed to eat everything with low-carb, high proteins, and fats. Make delicious foods to fill your appetite with ketogenic principles, and it won’t let you get bored.

    Guys! You are fully allowed to follow Lima's diet or make your diet according to keto principles. Along with Lima’s menu, we have some other foods full of high fats and proteins which you can take on the low-carb diet.
    • Eggs
    • Coffee with fat
    • Bullet tea with fat
    • Vegetables
    • Butter
    • Olive oil
    • Chicken (steamed or grilled)
    • Meat
    • Grilled fish
    • Greek yogurt

    Forget the junk food

    If you are crazy about junk food, then I feel sorry that you will have to bury your craziness of junk food because junk food is seriously harmful to health and a leading reason to gain weight. Some of the harmful effects of junk food are:
    • It causes memory & learning problems
    • Increases the weight
    • Causes depression
    • It also lessens your ability to control appetite

    Every success requires some hard work, and without hard work, success cannot be attained.

    Meal plans of Adriana Lima

    Adriana Lima is very conscious about her health and body. Her ultra-hot looks are a result of her hard work, which many of you guys dream for.
    • Keto Breakfast
    Adriana Lima, for her breakfast full of nutrients, relies on bacon, scrambled eggs, and veggies. This breakfast led Lima with energy to spend her whole day.
    • Keto Lunch
    Mix green salad with feta cheese and some grilled chicken fills the appetite of Adriana to go till dinner.
    • Keto Dinner
    Lima had grilled or steamed chicken with a green salad, cucumbers, and walnuts. She also eats bacon wraps in dinner to satisfy her cravings.

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    “I’m doing a combination of different protein shakes; it’s called Metagenics. And also, I can only eat green vegetables, everything grilled or steamed, or four ounces of any type of protein,” Lima says in an interview. “And usually, that’s what I have for lunch and dinner, and every three hours in between, I have a protein shake or cereal bar.”
    • Snacks of Adriana Lima
    Adriana strictly has protein shakes that give her energy. She also takes low-carb fruits like blueberries and blackberries.

    You almost have all the required knowledge about the low-carb nutrition plan. How it works, its impacts on human health, its benefits, everything. Now, you have to implement this knowledge into practice and see beautiful changes in yourself.

    “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do it.”

    -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Build your body like Adriana Lima

    Girls! You are here because you are suffering from obesity and want to get rid of it. It demands high passion and dedication—love in your work and commitment towards your goal. If you lack one thing, then your other thing is of no use.

    Dedicate yourself to your goal of high passion. This will conclude with a compelling and magnetic body of yours like Lima, for which many girls dream.

    “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

    -Colin Powell

    Adriana Lima’s perfect body reflects the clear story that she’s in love with the ketogenic lifestyle, and it has given her incredible fitness and beauty. Low-carb ration offers excellent results for those suffering from obesity and skin full of wrinkles.

    Keto is not only restrained to weight loss or wrinkled skin, but it also sheds perfect results on the people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, or diabetes.

    Guys! Don’t jump to keto directly. First, make your full mind to follow ketogenic rules which are low-carb, high fats, and protein diet, and then take your steps towards keto.

    While on keto, if you feel any problem regarding your health, just rush to your doctor and satisfy your queries, if any. Before starting the low-carb diet, you must visit your doctor. If your doctor gives you a ‘go-ahead,’ then you should go with keto.

    Enjoy the perks of keto

    Hey girls! If you are genuinely interested in Adriana Lima’s diet and you are fully ready to look like your Victoria’s Secret Angel, then there's excellent news for you, which will boost you and motivate you to go with it with courage and consistency.

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    The list of perks is very long, which you are going to have after keto, but for your motivation, we are listing some of them below.
    • You will witness an apparent weight loss after a few days.
    • People will love your personality and admire you.
    • Girls will be motivated by your charismatic and magnetic body and will desire to be like you. You will become a role model for others.
    • People suffering from diabetes, acne, epilepsy, and some types of cancer will have excellent effects on health.

    Addition of a new friend in your life

    Yes, girls! There is going to be an addition in your friend list when you start the low-carb diet. That friend is none other than keto. To get extended-lasting benefits from this friend, you must have to be loyal to it.

    How to be loyal to keto?

    It’s simple; you just have to take some necessary steps, which include:
    • Plan your meals
    Planning has a pivotal role in your diet. You must have to plan your meals before the time because it will let you drive away from your path.
    • Stay away from fattening foods
    It is a critical point in making keto your best friend. You must have to stay away from unhealthy food which is responsible for fatness. If you accomplish this point, keto will start to give you benefits.
    • Hangout with your friends
    Ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t restrain anyone from restraining them in houses and not to bar with friends or family members. Just go outside with your loved ones as you were going before keto.
    You just have to stick to low-carb meals, i.e., low-carb, high fats, and proteins. Take the menu and order a keto-friendly meal for yourself.
    • Be socially active
    Whatever you eat, according to the low-carb nutrition plan, just capture it and post it on Make people aware of your hard work.
    • Learn new low-carb recipes
    Learn new methods of low-carb nutrition to avoid boredom. It will help you to enjoy your diet, and you will be excited about trying new recipes.

    Additional tips

    Guys! Your Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, not only relies on low-carb ration. She gives two hours every day to gym sessions. She does jumping, boxing, and other activities in the gym to maintain her enchanting and lovely body.

    It is just an additional and pro tip. If you take it, that is very good. If not, then that’s enough too. You surely can achieve a magnetic and eye-catching physique without having gym sessions. Just stick firmly to your goal and let fate decide your future.

    “Some things are destined to be; it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”

    -J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

    Girls! Your favorite supermodel, the Victoria’s Secret Angel, Andriana Lima, has a captivating, charming, and lovely body just because of her ketogenic diet. She’s followed by millions and has a beautiful personality. Make keto as your routine, and you will witness the changes in the attitude of people towards you.

    It is our promise; you will be in love with yourself. So, dare yourself to accept this challenge, girl.

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