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Can People Suffering From Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney Disease, Cancer Use Keto Diet?


  • Can People Suffering From Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney Disease, Cancer Use Keto Diet?

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    It’s not only possible but even necessary. Experimentally, it was found that ketosis deprives cancer cells of the necessary energy for them, which they, like the fat on your stomach, get under the influence of insulin from glucose, and they can not get energy from fat in the absence of carbohydrates.

    There are many cases when in ketosis there was resorption of the cancerous tumor, mastopathy. Conversely, sugar intake increases glucose levels, providing cancer cells with the fuel they need.

    Back in the 50s, two major British scientists, A. Kekwick and G. Pavan isolated a special fat-mobilizing factor from the urine of people on a low-carb fat diet, which has a strong antitumor effect, which is not formed on a normal diet.

    Since the mid-seventies in Poland, regardless of the USA, the effect of a low-carb fat-protein diet on the body has been studied by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. As a result of many years of research, he came to the conclusion that you only need to eat food that is very easily absorbed by the body and gives a lot of energy. He found that with a high-fat, low-carb diet, warts, lipomas, and mastopathies are very effectively resolved. The keto diet acts like a surgeon's scalpel, excising tumors from healthy tissues.

    Usually, nutritionists advise us to consume more vegetable fats in sunflower or olive oil. But Kwasniewski believes animal fat is much more useful for humans - lard, for example.

    Animal fat, according to Kvasnevsky, is the best food for the body, 40 times more profitable than carbohydrates or proteins, so the ratio of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in each meal in his opinion should be 70%, 20%, and 10%. With this ratio, a large amount of fat stabilizes the membranes of nerve and other cells of the body, which makes them more resistant to various harmful effects: intoxication, stress, etc.

    The keto diet does not slagger the body, because fat in an optimal ratio with proteins and carbohydrates burns well, dramatically activating the metabolism, which is why people lose weight, and not only cancer in the initial stages, but also hepatitis, and even cirrhosis of the liver in many cases are cured.

    Kvasnevsky is an ardent opponent of carbohydrates, especially ultra-pure, refined ones. He requires his patients to avoid them in every possible way, once and for all excluding the "sweet death" from their diet. Sugar, candy, cakes, buns, cookies, sweet drinks-all this poison sharply provokes the release of huge amounts of insulin into the blood, under the influence of which the liver begins to produce harmful cholesterol (so-called low-density lipoproteins), which settles on the walls of blood vessels in the form of atherosclerosis.

    In his sanatorium, Dr. Kvasnevsky very effectively uses a fat diet in the treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis, asthma, allergies, psoriasis, mastopathy, multiple sclerosis, obesity, cancer, hypertension, cerebral circulation disorders, Raynaud's disease, obliterating endoarteritis, stomach ulcers, intestinal diseases, enterocolitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, neurasthenia, Bechterev's disease, etc.

    None of the many patients who switched to a fat diet, not only did not get cancer but in general, they almost stopped getting sick, because people who took a low-carb fat diet as the basis of life become very resistant to cancer, infections because their immunity is significantly strengthened.
    Sample menu according to Dr. Kvasnevsky:
    BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs or fried eggs with lard, ham or sausage without sugar, coffee or tea without caffeine, mineral water.
    LUNCH: broth of two yolks, pork cutlets -300 g, fresh cabbage salad -150 g, 2 spoons of vegetable juice per glass of water.
    DINNER: pork leg jelly -150 g, butter -30 g

    Not only shown, but also necessary. It is the ketogenic approach that can not only help but also cure you of these diseases because it directly affects the cause of the problem - hyperinsulinism.

    Perhaps not all of you know that in recent years it has been proven that heart diseases, which were previously thought to develop only in the direction of irreversible deterioration, can be reversed with a serious change in nutrition and lifestyle.

    Just check at least for 2-3 weeks, try the stimulating stage, and then you will decide how you should eat for the rest of your life.

    Even epilepsy, especially that began in childhood, is treated with a fat ketogenic diet. The fact is that quite often in some people, convulsive brain activity increases significantly with a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, and this reactive hypoglycemia is in turn provoked by refined carbohydrates.

    When the child is transferred to ketosis, the blood glucose level stabilizes, the convulsive activity of the brain decreases, and the seizures stop. But when the child gets out of ketosis, seizures often begin again, and therefore most patients adhere to the keto diet all their lives, and otherwise, they do not differ from ordinary people.

    Watch the movie “First Do No Harm” with Mary Streep in the title role, it shows the use of ketosis in childhood epilepsy.


    Yes, this is true. There is a lot of evidence that asthma attacks can be the result of food allergies. When you follow the keto diet, you automatically exclude many allergens, such as grains and yeast products, legumes, fruits, and flour. By removing allergens from your diet that your immune system couldn't handle, you reduce the number of asthma attacks.

    In severe kidney diseases, protein loading can be problematic. In these cases, if you want to lose weight without feeling hungry, you can try using the option of the keto diet with a high level of fat and low protein content (Kwasniewski method). This method will help you to get full as quickly as possible with a minimum amount of food, which greatly facilitates the work of the body.


    The more often, the better. If the food you eat in 3 meals is eaten in 20, the fat will go away faster, because frequent eating increases the intensity of metabolic processes and significantly reduces the level of insulin.

    The distribution of food consumed for 10-20 snacks is quite important for changing the biochemistry of your body in a favorable way.

    Special studies have been conducted on this issue. A group of people received 2,700 calories a day for three weeks, eating in three meals. After a two-week break, these people again received 2,700 calories a day, which were divided into 17 receptions.

    All people in the second case began to get slimmer, and the rate of metabolism in each of them significantly increased. In addition, all had lower levels of low-density cholesterol, which because of its ability to provoke the development of atherosclerosis is called "harmful cholesterol", at the same time, the absorption of nutrients improved.

    Did you know that every time you take food, your metabolism accelerates? This is because your body begins to process food into fuel in the process of digestion.

    During digestion, heat is released, which stimulates metabolism. This is why frequent fractional nutrition contributes to the fact that the level of metabolism remains constantly high.

    In addition, the time of the meal also matters. Food eaten before 18 hours is more likely to go to the energy of the body, and after 18 - in fat, i.e. the earlier we eat, the less food will be deposited in fat.

    Therefore, it is recommended to eat a hearty breakfast, lunch, not a late dinner, and after dinner, it would be very useful to get hungry, but if you really want to eat, you can eat at night (of course only what is allowed), but in this case, the rate of weight loss will slow down somewhat.


    Not panic. This is a temporary phenomenon until your body rebuilds (about several weeks). Nausea is a consequence of the formation of ketone bodies as a result of the combustion of your fat. And this is a good sign that the ketogenic diet is working. And the smell arises from the fact that part of the ketone bodies is exhaled with air (if you pass urine for analysis in ketosis, then ketones will also be found in it).

    To neutralize the smell, you can slightly increase the level of carbohydrates (eat more parsley, dark green leafy vegetables, sauerkraut, cucumbers), although, of course, this will reduce the rate of weight loss. In case of severe ketosis, it is very desirable to drink more water, 1.5-2.5 liters a day, brush your teeth twice a day, clean off the plaque from the tongue, wash regularly, take a shower because, in ketosis, ketone bodies will partially come out with sweat, make long walks. Once again, this is temporary.

    Severe ketosis, which occurs with rapid weight loss, often provokes weakness, rapid fatigue, but, as a rule, the body adapts to this quite quickly.
    In these cases, it is usually recommended to slow down, reduce the intensity of ketosis, that is, start to take more greens to increase the level of carbohydrates to 20-30 g. You'll feel better, and the rate of weight loss will slow down somewhat.

    The body is a highly self-regulating and adaptive system that can adapt to almost any conditions. In some people, the liver begins to ache, the tongue begins to cling, and there is a weakness, but in the vast majority, over time (2-3 weeks), when the new exchange pathways are finally formed, this usually passes.

    This is somewhat similar to alcohol withdrawal syndrome in alcoholics. They stop drinking and feel very bad at first, but later, when the body adapts to live without alcohol, the condition improves.

    Therefore, when such symptoms appear, do not be afraid of anything, the body will not die from a piece of meat or fish, the problem can only be when you shove too much fat and protein food into your mouth, such that it is difficult for the body to cope with, but it is this habit of gluttony that is easiest to get rid of in a state of ketosis.

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