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Top 15 Most Common Keto Questions Answered


  • Top 15 Most Common Keto Questions Answered

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    The main clinical symptom of ketosis is a significant decrease in appetite and rapid saturation. But you can use special paper diagnostic strips to determine ketone bodies in the urine. They are sold in pharmacies in the departments for diabetics. If such a strip is lowered into the urine, then in the presence of ketone bodies, it is colored purple.

    The more ketones in the urine, the more intense the color, and you know for sure that your body has switched to feeding on its fat. It is not necessary to use these strips, but they can be an extremely convenient tool for controlling carbohydrates.


    You may have a high volume resistance (see below), or you may be eating foods that contain carbohydrates without realizing it. Remember, the ideal diet for stimulating ketosis consists of a high percentage of fat levels (lard, fatty meat, fatty fish, eggs, cream or soy cheese, sour cream, etc.), a moderate amount of protein and almost zero carbohydrates.

    In practice, it looks like this: Breakfast-fried eggs from 2-3 eggs fried on lard, tea without sugar. Lunch-150-200 g of fat meat. Dietary fiber is required. Dinner can be excluded, as for breakfast and lunch there was very hearty food, but if you really want, you can eat 150-200 g of fat fish. Sure, if you are hungry, you can snack on cheese or better lard. Do not forget to drink clean water, take vitamins and take walks.


    In studies of low-carb diets in recent years, no benefits have been found when replacing saturated fats (lard) with unsaturated (vegetable oils), on the contrary, according to the results of two studies conducted in the United States and Canada in 1991, linoleic acid, which is mainly contained in vegetable oils, increases the risk of breast tumors.

    The fact is that the walls of the body's cells (membranes) consist of cholesterol (in other words, animal fat). Through them, various nutrients delivered by the blood penetrate into the cells, and at the same time they serve as a barrier against pathogenic factors, so the membranes must be stable. The intake of a large number of vegetable oils, in the absence of animal fats, changes the structure of cholesterol and fat in the body.

    The membranes become soft and less stable. But we live among many carcinogenic factors, such as background radiation, UV radiation from the sun, harmful particles that get into our lungs when breathing, the food we eat-all this significantly affects us. Usually, the immune system quickly copes with a small number of malignant cells that have arisen.

    However, linoleic acid suppresses the immune system. In the 70s, patients with a transplanted kidney were prescribed large amounts of refined sunflower oil to reduce the rejection reaction. This continued until an increase in the number of cancers was observed in this group of patients.

    Thus, the consumption of large amounts of vegetable oils, margarine, to the detriment of animal fats, can lead to a weakening of the immune system, its inability to fight cancer cells and the rapid growth of a malignant tumor.

    In addition, including in your diet fatty meat, hams, eggs, cream cheese, it will be easier for you to adhere to this program. In ketosis, due to a significant decrease in appetite, you simply will not be able to eat a lot of food, most likely because of the lack of hunger, you will even consume less food than on low-fat diets - this is a consequence of one of the main advantages of fat - when limiting carbohydrates, it quickly causes a deep sense of satiety.

    And at the same time, you do not have to eat a lot of fat. Fat food is only needed so that you learn to eat less food faster. Eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger, no more! Just on fatty foods, in the absence of carbohydrates due to satiety, it will be easier for you to cope with unnecessary and harmful food preferences. Sure, it's easier not to think about food when you're full.

    In addition, on fatty foods, the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood at initially high levels is usually normalized, so the body, in the absence of glucose in the diet and insulin in the blood (THIS is NOT JUST a FAT DIET, but a low-CARB FAT DIET), begins to "burn" excess cholesterol from the walls of your blood vessels and use it as an energy source.


    If you went on the ketogenic diet, don't expect to be happy the next day. Sometimes it can be the other way around. The body in the absence of the usual glucose at first will suffer, real breakdowns can begin, both physical and moral. But don't worry, your headache will go away as soon as new biological metabolic pathways are formed in the body, i.e. when it starts using fat as an energy source.

    This is not surprising. Withdrawal from any addiction, whether it is alcohol, nicotine (including carbohydrate), is usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms (hangover, deprivation syndrome, etc.). Make sure that you drink enough water, because dehydration exacerbates the problem. Long walks, a sauna, a bath, massage are very desirable in ketosis, vitamins and fiber intake are mandatory.

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    Animal fat and protein are very important components of the keto diet because they contain many essential fatty acids and essential amino acids that are not found in other foods. But vegetarians can try to eat dairy products, cheese, and eggs. At the same time, it is very desirable, if you do not accept the consumption of meat, to take fish, so that the diet is easier and more pleasant.

    Strict vegetarians can't follow the ketogenic diet, because a purely vegetarian diet will never be low-carb, as there are no plants that do not contain carbohydrates. So it would be better for vegetarians with excessive weight to reconsider radically their views on nutrition for the sake of their health.

    According to human logic, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to endure the pangs of hunger and not only the time when you are losing weight, but the rest of your life in order not to gain weight again, as well as exhaust yourself with excessive physical training.

    So, according to this logic, you need to work very hard consciously. And the keto diet suggests that you do not work consciously, but make your body work for you, and consciously rearrange your metabolism so that the body automatically, unconsciously begins to use its own fat as fuel.

    And for this purpose, it is necessary to rely on the logic of the universe, and it is necessary to proceed from the laws of nature, then it will be clear what to do. And according to the logic of the universe, people have been eating meat for millions of years, and white bread, potatoes, and sugar appeared in our food only about 300 years at most.


    It's very simple, most likely, you do not eat enough and thus violate keto diet rules. Remember, the best way to fight hunger is to eat well.

    Eat in order to "kill" this brutal appetite, eat at any time of the day or night as much as you need.

    But for the body to work in fat-burning mode, eat only what is allowed. Many people who want to lose weight, have quite strong stereotypes of thinking: the fewer calories in food, the better. This is partly true, but not entirely true. Think for yourself, if you sharply limit yourself to food, of course, you will lose weight, but how long can you be in a half-starved state, on apples, and on carrots? A week, two, a month. And then what? Most likely, the feeling of hunger will overcome all the arguments of reason, and everything will return to normal.

    You should realize once again that you got fat not so much because you ate a lot, but because you ate the wrong food. Your problem is the metabolic reaction to carbohydrates, and it is useless to solve such an unmanageable situation by limiting calories and not limiting carbohydrates - it is like fighting the tide, with a firm intention to stop the ocean.

    KETOSIS is your salvation, it is the foundation on which your recovery strategy is based. Trying to lose 30-40 kg by simply limiting yourself in calories or starving yourself is as futile as building the walls of a skyscraper on the bare sand, this house of cards will collapse very quickly.

    You are a victim of carbohydrate dependence and hyperinsulinism. In order to lose weight, you first need not limit calories, but by sharply reducing the level of insulin, switch your metabolism from carbohydrate to fat, and for this almost completely remove carbohydrates from your diet.

    Fat, oil, meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cheeses, and so on eat without special restrictions, trying to avoid hunger. You should understand - burning fat reserves in the absence of carbohydrates in food is a natural mechanism for our body. And these are not just words, but a fact proven by numerous scientific studies.

    Another thing is that on the keto diet, due to the developed ketosis, there will be a natural decrease in appetite, and most of you will need to eat less automatically. You will eat less not because you want to lose weight faster, but because you will not particularly want to eat - these are the laws of nature.

    Another reason for increasing your appetite may be that you have not reduced the number of carbohydrates to a ketogenic level, which is why you do not develop KETOSIS. Analyze your diet, increase the percentage of fat in your diet and reduce, or better for a while completely remove carbohydrates.


    Congratulations, you're probably in KETOSIS. The body began to receive energy from its own fat, that is, now it is not you consciously, but your body unconsciously works on your slimness, enjoy it-the process has begun.

    In this case, it is very useful to meet the symptom, one or two days to starve, but there is a danger of slowing down metabolic processes and the transition of the body from fat to muscle ketosis, so fasting should be short -no more than 2-3 days. But it is better to eat a little bit and not fall below a certain minimum. For example, breakfast -2 eggs, lunch - 100-200 g of meat and cabbage salad, dinner 200 g of fish, more water.


    These are temporary problems and they occur in women over 35 years of age with rapid (10-15 kg per month) weight loss. In these cases, wrinkles may actually appear for physiological reasons. The volume of fat tissue decreases, the skin does not have time to tighten, and it sags.

    But after 2-3 months on the keto diet, wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is tightened, the appearance becomes blooming because fat food in the absence of carbohydrates increases the skin tone, which does not happen on low-fat diets. Nevertheless, with any method of weight loss, it is desirable to pay more attention to the skin (creams, masks, etc.). Good prevention of skin aging during weight loss is body flex (lion pose).


    Frankly, no. In ketosis, fat burning (liposis) occurs automatically when carbohydrates are limited to 6-8 g. Especially on fatty foods, your own fat is burned twice as fast as on full fasting, due to the formation of new metabolic pathways - this is a biological law.

    Many people lose 15-20 kg without resorting to physical exercises. But you do not only want to lose weight, first of all, you need to become more energetic and healthier, but the real improvement in health without increasing physical activity will not happen, i.e. physical activity is very, very desirable, especially long walks of moderate intensity are useful.

    The following studies were conducted on the optimal duration of aerobic training. Five people engaged in vigorous walking for 30, 45, 60 minutes. After a 30-minute walk, the metabolism remained elevated for 130 minutes. After 45 minutes of walking, the high level of metabolic processes was maintained for 205 minutes. Finally, a 60-minute walk increased metabolism by 455 minutes.

    Thus, for the most effective fat burning, it is advisable to take 45-60 minutes of walking 4-5 times a week. However, if you have not been engaged before, then the necessary duration should be achieved gradually.

    Those who are younger and do not have any serious diseases can do aerobics, shaping, bodybuilding, or something else that is most suitable for them.

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    «By and large, movements can replace any medicine, but no medicine can replace movements.» Avicenna.

    There are specific gymnastics developed by the American Greer Childers, aimed at quickly reducing the volume-Body Flex. Exercises based on muscle stretching and retraction of the abdomen while holding your breath, if used correctly on a low-carb diet, allow you to remove up to 10 cm of abdominal volume in a week of training.

    I would especially like to note the specific gymnastics developed by the American Greer Child-ders, aimed at quickly reducing the volume-BODY FLEX. Exercises based on muscle stretching and retraction of the abdomen while holding your breath, if used correctly on a low-carb diet, allow you to remove up to 10 cm of abdominal volume in a week of training

    If you are too lazy or have no time to perform the entire complex-do at least the first 3-4 exercises. When you wake up in the morning, do not get up immediately, but while lying in bed, take a deep breath with your nose, simultaneously protruding your stomach, then exhale with your mouth, hold your breath as you exhale, and as much as possible, pull your stomach in.

    Bear with your stomach drawn in until your body inhales itself (a characteristic sobbing sound often occurs in the larynx when you inhale), allow it to take a deep breath, exhale, then inhale again with your nose, exhale completely with your mouth, and hold your breath until the body inhales itself. And so 10-20 times. Gradually, you can reach a hundred retractions.

    A sauna, a steam bath, a swimming pool, and a cold water bath can also be very useful.


    Red dry wines are allowed (no more than 200 g), which contain about 3-5% of sugar and practically do not raise the level of glucose in the blood. From strong drinks, vodka and cognac are occasionally allowed (no more than 75-100 g) and only after a good snack, on a full stomach. Large doses of strong drinks should be excluded since the pancreas is very sensitive to alcohol and interacts with it in a rather complex way.

    Approximately 30 minutes after drinking a strong drink in a significant dose (200-300 g), blood sugar increases, stimulating the release of insulin, which in turn interrupts ketosis.


    The fact is that the caffeine contained in coffee stimulates the release of the stress hormone-adrenaline, under the influence of which the level of sugar in the blood first rises, which in turn causes the pancreas to synthesize a large amount of insulin, in which the sugar level becomes much lower than normal, and this, in turn, provokes hunger, craving for sweets, thirst, irritability, etc.

    You may find it too much of a sacrifice to give up coffee, but experience shows that when you give up caffeine, weight loss is much easier.


    First, make sure that you consume enough calories in the form of fat and do not skip meals, because this and excessive weight loss can be the cause of hair loss. The fact is that sometimes on weight loss, the body regards a sharp loss of fat as a threat to life and can reduce the flow of energy and blood to organs that are not vital, so the hair follicles may experience a lack of nutrition.

    They remain intact, but during the period of weight loss, they work at half strength. In this case, you should think about a temporary suspension of weight loss for 3-4 weeks, so that the body takes a break from stress, to do this, increase the carbohydrates in the diet

    You may have decreased thyroid function. To do this, you can conduct a study of the basal body temperature. To do this, you need to keep a thermometer under your arm for 10 minutes in the morning for four days before getting out of bed. If the average of four or more morning digits is less than or equal to 36.0 degrees, then this is a clear sign of a sluggish thyroid, and you should consult an endocrinologist.

    You may be missing one or more nutrients. Try adding good multivitamins, nutritional supplements to your diet.


    Yes, but it is undesirable to eat only canned food and sausage because sausages are both coloring and preservatives. The simpler and fatter food (lard, meat, fish, eggs, sour cream), the more preferable it is for ketosis, and the more monotonous it is, the easier it will be for you to work on yourself. The easier it will be to break away from food addiction.


    Undesirable, for your health and beauty ideal would be a complete withdrawal from the taste of sweet, because by itself, the taste sweet regardless of whether it contains sugar or not, stimulates the release of insulin and blocks the ketosis. It has been noticed that foods containing sugar substitutes, cause the desire to eat sweets.

    As a rule, those who add sugar substitutes have great difficulties in weaning themselves from carbohydrates. Conversely, the more strictly you follow keto diet recommendations (as much fat as possible and very few carbohydrates), the easier it will be for you to follow them.

    It is better to give up chewing gum during ketosis. At the same time, acidic, spicy food is allowed, you can add bitterness, spices, but do not get too carried away. Remember, the simpler the food, the more monotonous it is, the easier it will be for you to work on yourself, the easier it is to get rid of food addiction, and how much less you depend on food, the better you will feel in life.


    Sometimes in ketosis, there is even an aversion to food, then it is possible, even desirable, to starve. But if during a vegetable offloading or fasting you feel very bad, and your appetite sharply increases after it, then it is not necessary. In this case, you can try once or twice a week to eat nothing after 14 hours or go on fat fasting.
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