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My experience of losing weight on the keto diet. This is incredible


  • My experience of losing weight on the keto diet. This is incredible

    Is it possible to lose weight by eating fat?
    How I lost weight on a ketogenic diet and what ketosis is.

    Keto diet for me was the most suitable way to lose weight without disruption and complications.
    I tried many different diets and ways to eat. All of them caused me breakdowns and weight loss went in the mode of one step forward – two steps back. All the time I wanted to eat wildly and this led to breakdowns, gluttony, and bulimia.

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    Once, while I was just cooking in the kitchen, they talked on TV about diets in some program. I sharpened my hearing. Three women followed three different types of diets. The one that was on keto lost the most weight. I went online. How did we live before without it?

    I came across a blog of a beautiful girl who lost about 80 kg on a diet that I had never heard of before-the Keto diet (aka ketogenic, aka LCHF, carb-free). I asked, so, about this food system, read articles. There is a lot of information on the Internet.

    Ok. Everything is clear, it's simple: eat and lose weight. It's cool and this suits me. Let's start.
    It turned out to be the most suitable way to lose weight - in 4 months I lost 20 kg! And without feeling hunger and sometimes even overeating. I do not deny myself the pleasures, but they should fit into the framework of keto.

    MY results on the keto diet

    In order of what happened to me. After so many years of starvation, for the first two weeks, I was just eating away.

    On the first day, I excluded my favorite fried potatoes, buckwheat, and all the milk. Completely. It remained to remove the pastries and sweets. Then I added a lot of fat butter and a lot of greens.

    Ketosis is a great condition. The blood through the body, "walks" really fast. The body is hot. The face is "burning" from the heat. I've had customers say, " You have such hot hands." There is no hunger. I don't feel tired. A few hours of sleep are enough. Performance "rolls over".

    All my pimples are gone. Completely. They just don't exist.
    Improved skin condition. I didn't use face creams for 11 months. None at all. Here, it's like the lifting effect.

    The situation with menstruation for the first two months was not clear. The cycle was lost. Delays were up to two weeks. (Lack of carbohydrates and sugar. The body was in process of rebuilding) But then my period came to a normal 28th cycle. As it was: Period "came", two or three days, wow! and then " gone." No pain in your back, no pain in your lower abdomen, no pain pills. I didn't even have a craving for sweets. Wonderfull, and that's all.

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    I didn't bake keto bread or anything like that. I was not drawn to any"nonsense". I'm very afraid of sugar. And there's prediabetes and diabetes - I was scared. My favorite treat was to mix coconut shavings with butter and add a little cocoa powder. But everything fits into the norms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates scheme.
    - I began to feel better, I was allergic to dust, which tormented me for 7 years and nothing helped (perhaps because I became more serious about what I eat and toxins from fatty tissues left my body).
    "I've stopped being angry and aggressive. Yes, carbs were to blame for me being a bundle of nerves and aggression

    The sense of smell and taste are very sharpened. I began to feel previously unknown tastes from ordinary food. My sense of smell became much sharper, picking up notes I hadn't noticed before.
    There is no more bloating and constipation. How much I suffered from this problem. And there was no such thing on this diet. Sorry for the details.

    At first, the ketosis made my breath smell like acetone. And not only that. The smell of sweat was becoming peculiar. At first, then became normal.

    My hair didn't fall out.

    Rejection of fruit. This is perhaps the most difficult point. I ate a couple of strawberries or a piece of melon sometimes in the evening. I did not want apples, pears or grapes at all.

    Swelling and allergies. From time to time, my body swelled up because of some product so that I could not bend my fingers, my eyelids tried to close my eyes, and my feet - I could not put on my boots. I learned that I have a lot of allergic reactions to many products. But it's all about our nutrition. As soon as the body (and it works differently, because of keto nutrition) gets any muck with food, then a reaction begins, in the form of an allergy. By experimentation, I found products that are better not to eat.

    Summer, the heat under 98 °F. Previously, I would just lay on the couch wrapped in a wet towel. Or, as always, I'd have to call an ambulance. But that summer, I endured just great. I've never been sick. I could rest and sunbathe; calmly walk along the street. It was my real surprise (and the pleasure of life) that you can feel so good from eating a lot of fat.

    I never got sick in the winter. There were some signs of illness. But within a few days passed.

    Now my husband is also on keto with me. For 2 months minus 10 kg. He likes such food so much - meat and lard - what else does a man need. My husband was a sweet tooth and bread eater before keto, we were afraid that there would be breakdowns. But now he doesn't even think about sweet things or even bread. Like a charm!
    For those who are afraid of fried - keto is not a problem. Here you can cook, stew, steam - do what you want, but within the keto frame.
    If you are still in doubt - do not waste time, start right now! The main thing is to do everything wisely, monitor the quality of food and you will succeed.

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    It is important to understand that keto is not just a diet, a banal rejection of sugar and fruit. It's a way of life. Keto should be approached competently and consciously so as not to harm yourself. The more I study this topic, the more I understand how many mistakes were made in the beginning and how deep it really is.

    So this diet prohibits many things, including all cereals and potatoes. Other "awesome" diets allow only one apple a day. This is is not normal! Why such sacrifices, keep the keto diet and do not exhaust yourself and your body.

    In another way, the keto diet is called low-carb.
    The main goal is to reduce the number of carbohydrates consumed. Carbohydrates prevent you from losing weight by the way.

    Besides, this diet can be called universal for the treatment of many diseases.
    The essence of the diet: carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet. The body must switch to fat nutrition. The liver, due to the lack of carbohydrates, will begin to split the incoming fat and subcutaneous fat into ketone bodies, which will be the fuel for the organism (the process is called ketosis) - hence the name of the diet. The body must enter ketosis and get fuel ONLY from fat.

    Any increase in carbohydrates can lead the body out of ketosis. But, what’s the beauty of keto - you don’t really want to eat carbohydrates!! Yes, it is true! I didn't believe it either until I tried it myself. Fatty foods provide the body with enough energy and do not allow insulin to jump as from carbohydrates, so the brain does not receive signals on the need to get glucose through sweets. That is why breakdowns can easily be avoided on keto.

    Keto diet food list

    The ratio of protein/fat/carbohydrates must necessarily correspond to the following norm 5/80/15 or 5/75/20 (I like the first option more). It is IMPORTANT that this balance should be at EVERY meal, and not so that in the morning you take fat, in the lunch - protein, and in the evening I treated myself to 5% carbohydrates. No! The balance must be constant.

    What is included in these 5% (no more than 20g of PURE) carbohydrates? They should include dark green leafy vegetables (dark salad leaves, broccoli, asparagus, string beans, dill, parsley, coriander). This is necessary so as not to ruin our body, as they are a rich source of potassium and fiber.

    What should be included in this 75( 80) % fat? Only useful, high-quality fats.

    Necessary products for obtaining high-quality fats:

    fat meat,
    fat fish,
    coconut oil,
    avocado oil,
    you can use a little unrefined olive oil,
    fat cheeses of good quality,
    cream with a fat content of at least 33%,
    eggs (yolk is a source of fat).

    Later it will be possible to introduce fatty cottage cheese into the diet.
    You necessarily need oil MCT or coconut oil. This oil is our everything on keto. It is the most quickly processed into ketones and gives us a lot of energy. This oil should be organic, unrefined and first pressed.

    If it is a holiday, you should not deny yourself - you can drink dry wine or Brut or good cognac or vodka - they do not contain sugars! But you should not abuse alcohol often!

    Be sure to monitor the quality of fat consumed! It should only be HEALTHY fats! In any case, not sausages or any sorts of smoked meat. No! You won't get anything good that way. Oils are also different. Look at the content of omega-6, an excess of which causes an inflammatory process. Balance is important. Omega-3 should prevail over omega-6. Therefore, no linseed, corn, rapeseed and sunflower oils.

    From these same products (see above) we get our 20(15)% protein.
    It is desirable at the very beginning to form your diet in advance for the day, strictly taking into account all the norms of protein/fat/carbohydrates balance.
    Not enough or too much protein is fraught with health because protein is our cells, our hair, nails, skin. You should receive about 0.8-2 g protein for every kg of your weight a day.

    Each person selects the right amount experimentally. I stick to 60-80 g a day. An overabundance of protein is fraught with the fact that the body will perceive it as an alternative source of nutrition and begin to break it down into glucose. It can throw you out of ketosis. Therefore, we should not eat a little or overeat, we need a balance in everything!

    There are many different applications for this. I like "fatsecret" and "samsung health" the most.

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    Keto life hack

    To make it easier to start keto and enter ketosis as quickly as possible, you need to eat simple foods. Yes, the Internet is full of different keto recipes, pastries, cakes - but it's all for those who have already reached the goal, lost weight and just enjoy life.

    And at the beginning of the way it is better to eat simple keto food: cutlet, boiled/fried egg, omelet, poached egg, omelet with fried minced meat, a piece of cheese.... so it is easier to count protein/fat/carbohydrates and not get confused. In complex dishes, you can ignore something and go over the protein, and this is fraught with the fact that the body will perceive excess protein as glucose and send it for energy, thereby knocking you out of ketosis.

    Keto cons

    Keto flu - so-called "withdrawal" in the first days, when the body is rebuilt. To avoid or nullify it you can take potassium, magnesium, sodium (not to be afraid to salt food), fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, cucumbers of sour brine), drink chicken or pork broth.

    In the first days, you can not even count kcal, someone does not count them at all, but I adhere to the theory that you need to introduce a deficit of kcal over time to lose weight effectively. My norm is 1200-1300 kcal, but depending on the weight, you can calculate it yourself in the same applications.

    Keto rash. In some ketoadepts, it appears in the first periods of transition to keto. This is because when burning subcutaneous fat, all the toxins that lie there earlier fall into the liver, and it does not have time to deal with them. How to avoid it? Eat fractionally - often but in small portions. This will improve the production of bile, which will come help process toxins. Take antihistamines - this may be an allergy to those same toxins.

    Personally, everything was fine with me, there was almost no keto flu. I had lethargy a couple of days, and there was no keto rash at all. Constipation may occur. Again - green leafy vegetables and avocados will help you - they will help make your bowel movements fine.

    Is keto nutrition expensive?

    Many people think keto is expensive. I wouldn’t say that. Yes, natural and fatty foods themselves are more expensive than a pack of buckwheat, but eggs, cheese, vegetables, and meat were in my diet before. Over time, you'll need less of these foods to feel full.

    Alcohol on keto. To begin with, I’ll write that you can only drink dry wine and sugar-free distillates (cognac, whiskey), but you must carefully watch the composition, recently sugar has been added to cognac. BUT! If alcohol enters the body, the liver throws off the production of ketones and begins to fight alcohol - for it it is equivalent to poison. After processing the "poison", the liver will take up ketones again. It will not knock out ketosis, but it will slow down the process.

    If you need it, then, please. Also, when you on keto the liver is so loaded with the production of ketone bodies and alcohol is a big burden for it. Intoxication comes faster than usual.

    I also note that I have become much more relaxed about irritating factors. It’s harder to piss me off, I think less about some problematic situations (everyone knows such a mental “chewing gum” before going to bed when you think whether you did the right thing, whether you were treated correctly, how and what they think about you) - all this began to occupy me a little. I became more loyal with my child, not so categorical and stopped exploding over trifles. And all this even though I am on the diet, but usually on any diet people are angry and nervous because they cannot have many yummy.

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    Benefits of the keto diet?

    Firstly, there is no hunger. Not immediately, but in a week or two, you will notice that you want to eat less.

    Secondly, vigor. Due to ketones, which provide fuel to the body.

    Thirdly, it reduces insulin and cholesterol (yes, despite a large amount of fat).

    Fourthly, the quality of sleep improves. I want to sleep less, but sleep is better.

    Fifthly, it improves the quality of food. Yes, on Keto we follow what we eat - these should be useful sources of protein/fat/carbohydrates.

    I became indifferent to cookies and chocolate, and even white bread.
    Sixthly, keto food can be found at any feast, whether it's a wedding, wake or corporate party. In extreme cases, fat sausage, cheese, and olives are always present everywhere. You won't stay hungry.

    I stopped buying sausages. Now I always read labels thoroughly. At home, there is always lard in different variations.

    I do not waste my money on fruits, food snacks, such as cakes, chocolate, chips with beer, etc - now this gap in the budget is closed. You can eat deliciously and diversely! There are a lot of recipes for keto dishes up to pancakes and cakes! Better less, but more nutritious and more beneficial for the body than cheap and much useless, isn't it?

    If you are looking for how to lose weight and reached the topic of ketogenic nutrition, then most likely this is not your first request on how to lose weight.

    On the keto diet, you can lose weight with a steady result comfortably, without breakdowns, without hard work in the gym

    If you are looking for how to lose weight and reached the topic of ketogenic nutrition, then most likely this is not your first request on how to lose weight.

    On the keto diet, you can lose weight with a steady result comfortably, without breakdowns, without hard work in the gym and without restraining the wild desire to eat cake and everything that is not nailed in the refrigerator?

    Many believe that there are restrictions on the diet. Compared with other diets and so-called "proper diet" keto restrictions are minimized and they are not particularly noticeable. What are you missing? Fruit and sweets? Yes, fruit is certainly a sadness, I miss fruit, but not sweets. Now I do not want sweets at all. Every day you can cook completely different dishes from keto products. You could borrow recipes from keto websites - a lot of different goodies, even baking (but I do not like it).

    The goal of this diet is proper nutrition, health improvement, thereby getting rid of ailments and you can follow the ketogenic diet all your life!

    Our body is currently heavily "contaminated" by chemistry. What do we eat? Do you know about gluten? After all, it is very harmful and its active consumption prevents the normal absorption of vitamins and gluten is not only in semolina. And sugar, its harm is obvious, nevertheless, people actively eat it. But there is a way out, it is quite simple - the keto diet.

    Thanks to this diet, my body said "thank you" to me.
    So it is better to start eating right now, so that in the future not to spend money on health and not to go to surgery. After all, our health directly depends on nutrition!

    Before the keto diet, my body didn't suit me. I tried to lose weight. There were diets, proper nutrition, a gym three times a week, from which I wanted to eat even more food. But as soon as I began to follow a certain type of nutrition...for example, a protein diet with a minimum of fat and moderate carbohydrate content, then immediately I felt tired, dizzy and weak.

    Well, is it really possible to live like this I asked myself. I concluded that without carbohydrates I can not live! But eating carbohydrates, even the right ones in the form of whole-grain bread, pasta from durum wheat, buckwheat I always wanted to eat.

    It was not hunger because of an empty stomach, but rather some kind of psychological hunger - I wanted to eat literally only after leaving the table.

    Sometimes I ate and could not stop, I felt that I could not eat even anymore, but I wanted more. Especially pasta with some sauce ...I just couldn't stop. Strangely, I did not gain more with this diet for two or three years, but only 5kg.

    It was a vicious circle. Restriction-poor health-breakdown-for a while I eat everything I want-again restrictions. My diets lasted a maximum of three days, and I somehow decided for myself that low-carb is not for me, it is impossible to live in fatigue and with a constant headache.

    The weight, however, gradually increased. The trousers became tight, and I could not wear a warm sweater under my jacket.

    The gym never gave me the results - the muscles become stronger, Yes, but the fat was not going anywhere. I had to force myself to go to the gym, I wanted to eat even more. I didn't see the point.

    The rules of proper nutrition state that bad fast carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars should be excluded (they cause a jump in insulin) and you should increase the amount of protein in food (the building material of cells and muscles) and control the fat content (give preference to vegetable fats and useful Omega 3-6-9), and no more than 1g per kg of weight. Fast carbs and animal fats are evil, which is why we get fat.

    And I believed this idea for a long time. But the restriction of fat and fast carbohydrates did not give me results, because I was frustrated due to poor health and I could not follow even such a diet in the long term. I constantly wanted to eat, sleep and fatigue piled on. I even thought about trying miracle pills...but I did not dare because of side effects.

    When I found out about keto nutrition, all of my settings regarding nutrition exploded.

    The basis of the keto diet is the paleo diet, which is essentially how our ancestors, ancient people(not monkeys) ate for millions of years. And the ancient man ate animal meat (mammoths, artiodactyls, small mammals) and gathered herbs, roots, seasonal fruits-very little. The diet of ancient man was low-carbohydrate, mainly protein-fat.

    It turns out that our body is an elective machine and can work if necessary on any fuel - carbohydrates, fats, and even proteins, but the body usually saves amino acids as a building material for cells, besides the splitting (digestion) of proteins is an energy-consuming process, so the body does not split the amino acids obtained for energy.

    The most profitable and easy to get energy source - complex carbohydrates. But the fact is that this source of energy is very new to our organisms within the millionth evolution of the human body (carbohydrates are everywhere and much consumed by mankind for a very short time about 200 years) and it is not a completely clean source of energy, so to speak.

    Consuming carbohydrates, it is almost impossible to comfortably lose weight, carbohydrates (all! fast and slow sugars and starches) in principle, getting into the bloodstream in the form of glucose cause a powerful insulin release, and at high levels of insulin, it is almost impossible to lose weight. On the contrary, you want to eat more, insulin is a hormone for storing energy pools-your own fats. The body enters a mode of energy saving at constant high levels of sugar and as consequence insulin goes into the blood.

    For ancient people, carbohydrates were a rare phenomenon in the diet, so because of its easy digestibility, the body of ancient people tried to stock them for future use in the form of fat. This mechanism saved ancient people's lives in times of famine. The mechanism remained in our bodies but our diet is very diverse and supermarket shelves are bursting with a variety of food -carbohydrates occupy a leading place in consumption.

    A modern man does not starve! Today people do not need to store energy in the form of fat, but our metabolism has not adapted to such an abundance of products due to the slow process of evolution (adaptation to new environmental conditions and nutrition). We all also stock up and get fat.

    All would be nothing, but!

    Constant high levels of insulin can lead to obesity, diabetes - and this leads to other diseases and ailments, up to cancer and it's not funny.

    Fats in the diet do not give such a surge of insulin as carbohydrates, do not wear out the pancreas as carbohydrates. Fats allow you to stabilize the level of insulin and prevent uncontrolled hunger.

    I experienced it myself. I began to treat food normally and this is the most pleasant thing with this type of food - you feel full and calm. I became more resistant to stress and problem situations, I began to want to eat less constantly. I feel that I'm on the right track, the fat has gone from my waist and hips!

    I repeat I feel great. I'm full and calm!

    The first five days on the keto diet I experienced the pain of canceling carbohydrates, but I knew that it would be so - the body moved to a new type of fuel. This phenomenon is called keto flu. Fatigue, lethargy, pre-painful state. A bone broth and hearty high-fat meals - eggs, homemade mayonnaise, fat pork and chicken with skin, vitamin and mineral supplements helped me a lot.

    Then everything went back to normal! Now I eat steadily no more than 2-3 times a day and I do not want to eat uncontrollably, I am comfortable. I calmly look at the cakes and buns. I can sometimes drink dry wine and eat a slightly sweet fruit once or twice a week - a tangerine or orange, frozen berries I add to sour cream and eat as a dessert. Sometimes I indulge myself with keto rolls based on psyllium and eat them with lard of home-made salt.

    At first, you can use strips to determine the levels of ketones in the urine, to understand that you are doing everything correctly and your diet has introduced you to physiological ketosis. It's accurate enough. And it is sometimes impossible to determine whether you are in ketosis by some external indicators. Some note the smell of acetone, but I did not feel it from myself, the sweat became sharper, but I did not feel the smell of acetone.

    The level of ketones in the urine by 3 PM - at least 4 mmol / l (Breakfast was at 8 am), which corresponds to deep ketosis.

    These strips also measure glucose, which I do not need, but its level is 0 - the strip has not changed color.

    In the beginning, I counted consumed fats, carbohydrates and proteins using a keto app xbodybuilt (a good keto application and for me it is more convenient than myfitnesspal). Right now I'm eating by guesswork.
    Keto apps put such protein/fat/carbohydrates ratios for me, and I do not go to the gym:

    65g protein

    108g fat

    20g carbohydrates (fiber in vegetables is not considered)

    1300 kcal per day.

    At first, I was intuitively afraid to eat so much fat, but this is normal for the beginning of the keto diet. When for many years I lived with the dogma that fat is harmful, especially animals fat, butter, homemade sour cream fat, chicken skin.

    And most importantly, do not go over the carbohydrates. Fiber is not considered-it is indigestible carbohydrates - they can and should be added to your keto food list. Vegetables except for potatoes, all types of cabbage and salads - without restrictions. Be careful with beets and carrots and root vegetables - they have a lot of sugar, but if there is one carrot in the soup - it's not terrible.
    My diet:

    - fatty meats and fish, bacon,

    - butter and fatty sour milk, cheeses,

    - nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts), eggs,

    - vegetables (except starchy), herbs, mushrooms

    - homemade mayonnaise! no sugar!

    - erythritol as a sweetener

    - psyllium and coconut flour for keto baking and desserts.

    - fruit is very limited and mostly citrus, berries are also limited, I add a little to the cottage cheese and sour cream.


    - Purchased sauces (they contain a lot of sugar and starch)

    - flour and products made from it. Any, at all!

    - Sweets based on sugar and flour. Any!

    - Cereals and legumes. Everything!

    - Chips, crackers...snacks anyways!

    - Semi-finished products from meat with an incomprehensible composition, sausages are now stuffed with starch, flavor enhancers, and sugar. I also include in this list crab sticks, nuggets, fish sticks, and sausages. Buy a normal piece of meat, or chicken, fry it with garlic salt and herbs! It is a delicious satisfying natural dish and often at a price no more expensive than nuggets and similar junk food!

    If you want to lose weight and take control of your hunger, I advise you to try keto, you will be surprised how all genius is simple!
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      Even more annoying, there is less muscle and more fatty tissue. Between the ages of 30 and 60, the average person annually loses 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg) of muscle and instead
      02-09-2021, 08:30 AM
    • The Main Reasons for Weight Gain and Obesity. How to Start Losing Weight Properly
      by Antony Convey

      How we get used to things that don't work

      We are taught that the main reasons for being overweight are a lot of food and little exercise. And this is not to mention the allegedly weak willpower! But it's not that simple. Because if this mantra worked flawlessly, then there would be no more problem of excess weight, right? After all, everyone who is overweight, at least once, tried to follow this advice!

      Now it is more fashionable
      02-05-2021, 08:27 AM
    • Top 8 Myths About Immunity
      by Antony Convey

      The very concept of "immunity" was born in the 19th century thanks to the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur and the Russian scientist I. Mechnikov.

      At first, however, immunity was understood as the body's immunity to infectious diseases.

      But already from the middle of the 20th century, as a result of research work, it was proved that immunity protects the body not only from microbes but also from any other genetically foreign
      02-04-2021, 09:20 AM
    • A History of the Study of Life Extension Products
      by David Glick

      Life extension is a problem of all times and peoples.

      In evolution, this problem appears namely in humans. Realizing the immortality of living nature due to the reproduction of mortal organisms and possessing the instinct of self-preservation and survival, man has always tried to resolve this contradiction between life and death.

      Mankind in all epochs has shown a heightened interest in the means of preserving youth, health, and achieving
      02-01-2021, 05:04 PM
    • What Fruits Can I Eat on the Keto Diet?
      by Antony Convey

      Let's take a look at the most painful keto question - can we eat fruit on the ketogenic diet?

      On keto, we avoid fruits and allow ourselves a small amount of berries. No keto rule raises so many questions and protests. “Fruits are vitamins! We have eaten them from time immemorial!

      What about antioxidants, flavonoids, and other beneficial substances? Microbiota! What does it eat? " - beginners are lost. “Fruits contain fructose, and fructose
      02-01-2021, 02:55 PM



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