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The Main Reasons for Weight Gain and Obesity. How to Start Losing Weight Properly


  • The Main Reasons for Weight Gain and Obesity. How to Start Losing Weight Properly

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    How we get used to things that don't work

    We are taught that the main reasons for being overweight are a lot of food and little exercise. And this is not to mention the allegedly weak willpower! But it's not that simple. Because if this mantra worked flawlessly, then there would be no more problem of excess weight, right? After all, everyone who is overweight, at least once, tried to follow this advice!

    Now it is more fashionable than ever! And everyone who tried to come to a perfect shape, necessarily "went on a diet" and signed up for a fitness club. Several months of attempts, but then the majority gave up proper nutrition and exercise.

    And weight rolled back to its original state ... We can only rejoice for those who managed to stay in this mode. But there are only a few such people!

    Of course, we can say that it's about willpower! This argument works great when the client comes to the trainer and says that he/she can no longer train so frantically against the backdrop of poor nutrition.

    "Yes, the weight is losing, but the quality of life has dropped, boss, and I do not enjoy this whole venture at all." And what will the coach say? “Move! You need to be patient a little longer, you are just lazy and it's all in your head." But okay, if these are the words of the coach. He/she has no responsibility and you, with all your desire, will not be able to bring him to justice even if you die under a barbell or choke on another "right meal" - a lean breast with a cucumber.

    However, some doctors also sin with this approach, and this is a completely different story. I just want to say that the concept of creating guilt in the ward is very convenient.

    Why most people can't lose weight

    Because we are taught to think that our excess weight and insatiable appetite are the cause of our problems. Therefore, we expect that such a gross weight loss through limiting our nutrition and physical violence will solve our problems. But in this concept, we put the manifestations of problems ahead of their causes.

    It's like giving a headache pill. Something is happening in your head (vascular spasm, inflammation, intoxication) that causes pain. If you take a pill, you will stop feeling pain, but the process that caused it will not go anywhere.

    Or imagine a surgeon performing an operation under anesthesia. The patient does not feel pain, but at this time the surgeon injures the tissue.

    I hope there are enough analogies to understand that being overweight is, first of all, a symptom! Undoubtedly, the excess weight itself causes problems, but this is already a secondary process.

    Real reasons for being overweight

    To understand what the true causes of excess weight are, you need to look at the problem from a different perspective. You don't have to think that the body is against you. In fact, it is always right and strives for the best performance in every situation. Its performance can be subjectively assessed by its well-being.

    If you feel great, then the performance of your body is high. On the contrary, when you do not have strength, constant fatigue, gloomy mood, insipid sensations, then most likely the performance of the body is reduced. Don't take too much direct responsibility for thoughts, emotions, moods.

    After all, you are just a guest in this body. For example, 90-95% of the processes in it occur without your direct control and knowledge. Do not forget about the animal, unconscious essence of man!

    Your personality lives in the youngest areas of the brain, which are responsible for only 5-10% of the processes occurring in the body. All the rest we inherited from primitive animal ancestors.

    Your metabolism is one of these processes. You cannot control it directly. Doctors do this indirectly. Every pill or medical procedure interferes with metabolism and distorts it in some way.

    This has both positive and negative effects. However, anyone can influence their metabolism. All positive lifestyle changes affect metabolism. In fact, many drugs only mimic the effects that you can achieve simply by changing your behavior.

    But I want to go back to the causes of excess weight and say that they are rooted in metabolism. Don't think that this is some kind of breakdown! Nothing in the body can break down, because it always adapts to the situation.

    Now, guess what is being overweight? Yes, it is the adaptation of metabolism to what is happening in the body. And in fact, many diseases are associated with being overweight!

    For example, chronic inflammation, microflora disorders, certain autoimmune problems, and infections can tune the metabolism to store excess weight!

    Your body is your partner

    As I said, the body in which you live is always in a positive attitude towards you. Even in those moments when you feel lousy, this suggests that it is trying to give out its maximum.

    Feeling unwell and poor quality of life means that the body simply cannot give you more power. Most likely, against this background, you will have neither the strength nor the desire to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

    And we used to call it laziness and lack of will. How convenient! After all, it is easier to lay a feeling of guilt in a person than to understand the work of his/her metabolism.

    When for a long time it is impossible to live according to the mantra “eat less - move more”, it means that your body is simply incapable of this at the moment. That's why it's so hard to start. And that's why it's so easy to quit.

    At this point, I ask you to stop reading and sit for a moment with this thought: “It’s not you who are lazy and weak-willed, this body cannot give out enough power”.

    After all, we take too much on ourselves. Our socially grown ego thinks it can control everything. But we, as individuals, are a manifestation of our body. Our behavior, well-being, success, and even wealth is a consequence of our matter.

    No one can overcome this border during life, despite spiritual practices. This is also expressed by the classic proverb: "A sound mind in a sound body!"

    Therefore, when the body does not have enough resources to give you enough power for you to function normally as a person, then trying to squeeze out the rest of the power from your metabolism for the sake of cubes on your stomach is a very vicious practice.

    Because everything will be reversed when there is nothing more to squeeze out of the body. And the problems will only get worse. Anything that is built on coercion will soon fall apart.

    It is necessary to build and develop from pleasure and joy, then the result will be long-lasting.

    Ask the body why it needs extra weight

    Communication between partners begins with questions. Therefore, instead of dull diving into the maelstrom of diets and workouts, first ask your body: "Why do you need this extra weight?" Everything fulfills its function.

    And if the body is carrying 50 pounds on itself at the moment, then this should serve a good reason, despite your hatred of fat. Fat in the human body is an endocrine organ! This means that it produces dozens of bioactive substances that modulate metabolism.

    It's not just a piece of bacon that you hide behind a belt, pulling in your stomach. It is a complete metabolism player. And, if there is extra weight, it means that it is not for nothing.

    The body is wise and efficient enough in its essence to keep nothing superfluous to itself.

    Yes, you can make it leave! Cut your calories and go for a run! This will work in the short term. But the fat will definitely come back because it didn't want to leave. It will not leave until it wants to.

    And it wants to leave only when it does its job and turns out to be unnecessary. Something happens in the metabolism that requires its presence.

    Gradually, as the metabolism improves, the body will release more and more fat. The improvement in metabolism can only be judged in retrospect.

    If your measures led to the fact that the weight has gone and has not returned for more than a year, then your actions were probably effective. If, after a few months, you are again fat, sick, and unhappy, then something was done wrong.

    Therefore, healthy weight loss is a consequence of improved metabolism. If the standard mantra “eat less - move more” does not help you, then I advise you to think about rewiring your brain to the installation “Become healthier so that the body gives up weight”.

    How to start losing weight

    This difficult process needs to start with diagnostics and getting answers to questions! It may seem obvious to you that your extra weight is due to excess food and lack of mobility.

    However, not all excess food leads to weight gain and many thin people are not familiar with exercise at all. I do not deny that systematic overeating can contribute, but you need to correctly raise the question of metabolism.

    For example, ask “Why is my body hungry all the time? Why isn't it satiated? ” Most likely, the answer to this question will be in the food you eat and the metabolism itself.

    Your food quality and metabolism are in constant interaction. They simultaneously define each other.

    The general algorithm to start losing weight

    When there is a need for weight loss, then keeping the thought in mind (healthy metabolism = healthy weight), you need to follow the following algorithm:

    1. The first step is to assess your metabolism. To do this, you need to visit a competent doctor who can prescribe adequate tests. Or go to an appointment with an endocrinologist. Yes, this step can be skipped if there is not enough money, but it is really important. The worse the initial state of health, the more relevant this step is.

    In many cases, repeated analyzes will be required to monitor the situation and assess the effectiveness of the measures taken.

    2. Next, you need to look at the quality of the food you eat. To do this, you need to become familiar with the concept of biological value. This information will tell you what is food and what is not - take a look at the rating of the biological value of food.

    3. Then, if there are no special health problems, then all that remains is to practice. It means gradually learning to manage your metabolism by supplying the best nutrition to your body for your situation!

    Of course, this is not a walk around Disneyland, so be patient and develop consistency. Remember: if you have been indifferent to your metabolism and food for decades, then you should not expect that you will fix the entire system in one month.

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