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Joe and Charlene Anderson: more than 20 years eating only meat


  • Joe and Charlene Anderson: more than 20 years eating only meat

    Charlene Joe Anderson
    Charlene Anderson - before and after

    Charlene Joe Anderson Carnivore Meat Diet

    Doctors, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, and everyone who keeps up their appearance pay great attention to the issues of balanced nutrition.

    Every year more and more supporters conquer vegetarianism. And finally, everyone knows that in food there should be a certain ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, that the human body needs vitamins and minerals, and finally, food should be taken in small portions several times a day.

    However, there are many examples when people who eat contrary to all the recommendations could boast of good health and excellent well-being. Such fans of non-standard food include the Anderson family living in the United States. For almost twenty years, they have not eaten anything but meat - and at the same time are in excellent physical shape.

    Joe Anderson Carnivore Meat Diet

    Joe Anderson became a fan of protein diets in his youth when he became interested in bodybuilding. He tried the Vince Gironde diet, which included eggs and beef, and Rio Blair, with the addition of cheese and whey.

    His wife Charlene has been a supporter of eating cereals and vegetables all her life. This did not stop them from starting a family that was quite happy until 1998, Charlene showed symptoms of Lyme disease.

    As a result of this dangerous disease, which is transmitted by ticks, the woman literally could not stand on her feet, could not straighten up, she lost hair and eyebrows and was allergic to many substances, even tap water.

    It was found that the only product Charlene tolerates well is beef, and the fatter the better. The Andersons began to study special literature on meat diets and found that saturated fats have a very strong antibacterial effect. They experimented with other types of meat and fish, offal, bone broth, carefully checked the body's response to each ingredient, and gradually switched from a low-carb diet to a zero-carbohydrate diet.

    Anderson Carnivore Diet

    It turned out that the husband and wife felt the best when they ate fat red meat, and the more they ate it, the less they wanted something else.

    And if they added milk or eggs to their diet, the next day there were swellings, circles around the eyes, nasal congestion. In the end, the Andersons excluded all foods except beef from their diet. All drinks also became monotonous, or rather, the same - pure water and only water.

    As for the cooking methods, they are quite simple. The Andersons cook steaks without adding salt and spices, moderately frying them. They prefer one kind of meat, the so-called ribeye or entrecote - part of the pulp located between the spine and rib.

    At first, the family bought the meat of animals grown on pastures but then switched to special beef. Entrecote from such beef is not cheap, but the Andersons decided to save at the expense of something else.

    Joe Anderson Meat

    The meat they buy contains enough fat, and there is no need to add it during cooking, as for salt and seasonings, the husband and wife made sure that their use leads to the immediate appearance of edema.

    Charlene is the mother of two fine boys. When children were born in the family, a question arose with a diet for them. As soon as the kids were able to eat solid food, Charlene offered them meat - and the children began to eat it willingly.

    Carnivore Meat Diet

    At the age of about four years, boys began to show interest in other products. Mom did not bother them but gave what they asked in small portions. It turned out that children react very badly to sweets and chocolate, as well as to sweet fruits. Their behavior changed dramatically, they became aggressive and uncontrollable.

    Gradually, the boys switched to the constant use of what their parents eat and ask for other food very rarely, claiming that they like meat most of all.

    The Andersons eat once a day, in the evening. The head of the family eats 2-3 pounds of meat (from 0.9 to 1.3 kg) at one time, mom and children are limited to 1-2 pounds each. These meals, Joe Anderson calls 'daily Thanksgiving' and claims that the dream after such a dinner is extremely strong.

    Charlene Joe Carnivore Meat Diet

    Over the next day, the body spends the energy received in the evening, without spending it on the digestion of food.

    A carbohydrate-free diet currently has very few fans. Although the arguments of opponents of eating meat are quite convincing, the real facts are not in their favor. The appearance and physical form of members of the Anderson family, who have been eating in such an unusual way for two decades, can be envied by many. Fifty-nine-year-old Joe claims that he now feels much more active than in his youth.

    The figure of forty-four-year-old Charlene, a mother of two children, could serve as an advertisement for a fitness club. As for the ten-year-old Charlie and the eight-year-old George, they are healthy, active and study well.

    At the same time, Joe Anderson has long ceased to be a fan of the gym, now his daily exercises are limited to ten minutes and a walk with his sons, during which they can run, jump, pull themselves up.

    Charlene also takes daily fifteen-minute walks - not with the goal of training, but to stay in the fresh air. The Andersons advise not to be afraid of carbohydrate-free diets, but just try to eat meat when you feel hungry, and drink clean water when you are thirsty, as our distant ancestors did thousands of years ago.

    Charlene Joe Anderson Diet

    More about Charlene Andersen:
    Charlene was born on March 22, 1973, in the family of a physiotherapist and engineer. Her grandfather was a master of medicine, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. It was a grandfather who advocated snacking with low-fat cereal between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which consisted of low-fat foods.

    Charlene was constantly sick in childhood: allergies, asthma, a constant rash. The girl’s body reacted thus to almost everything - but no one in her family ever thought that all this was somehow connected with the fact that the girl was eating low-fat food.

    Charlene's parents wanted her daughter not to be deprived of communication with other children - the girl was the only child in the family. So, Charlene was often in children's camps. One of these trips ended in Lyme disease - she learned this much later. Every evening, children in the camp were checked for ticks. Ticks were removed with tweezers. Charlene is out of luck.

    Charlene Joe Anderson

    Charlene's health continued to deteriorate. At about eight years old, the girl developed trichotillomania - there was a time when Charlene walked without eyebrows and eyelashes. It lasted from 8 years until the start of a new diet.

    Very often her parents rescued Charlene - they picked her up from friends who lived with pets - Charlene began to gasp, wheeze. Friends called their parents.

    At about the age of 13, Charlene developed terrible acne. Acne was everywhere - on the face, neck, chest, back, in the ears. Charlene herself was a shy child, of course, acne only exacerbated the situation. Besides, there were problems with weight. Moreover, excess weight accumulated solely on hips. At 12, Charlene already had cellulite.

    Charlene Anderson Diet

    By the age of 16, the girl had her period missing. What happened - gynecologists could not understand. At the same time, Charlene practically did not eat fatty foods. Her diet consisted of carbohydrates and proteins. No fats.

    In college, of course, it was fun. But Charlene felt constant growing fatigue. She studied mathematics and studio art, but it did not work out with mathematics - Charlene could not help herself - she often fell asleep at the beginning of classes and woke up in the end. She was the first to fall asleep in the hostel. Naturally, her constant fatigue pushed friends from her.

    The Andersons Carnivore Meat Diet

    Charlene began to train hard to become more resilient - although this made her even more exhausted, for several years Charlene did not give up.

    After she graduated from college, she began working at Navistar, in the industrial design department. Her closest relatives worked in the same company - her father, uncles.
    While working in this department, Charlene had to deal with paint and various other chemicals. This affected her health even more.

    Real salvation for Charlene was meeting her future husband. They were born for each other. It was this acquaintance that served as the starting point for the restoration of Charlene's health. But first, Charlene had to pass another test: tinnitus, eczema, which is more like second-degree burns, a degenerative state of the disk in three places, was added to the previous health problems. The girl could not sit, she had to stand almost constantly.

    Carnivore Meat Diet

    Her eyesight was getting worse, weight gain reached 22 kg. Cervical dysplasia was diagnosed. Mass in the chest - Charlene was afraid to see a doctor. She was constantly hysterical. This was especially unusual for all those around, who are used to seeing Charlene as a quiet sweet girl.

    The girl spent a lot of time with doctors who could not help. None of the doctors could understand what was happening with Charlene. Each doctor specialized in certain diseases and no one approached Charlene's diseases as a general malfunction of the whole girl’s body.

    Joe Andersen was always interested in bodybuilding. He became interested in the Vince Gironda diet, which claimed that his diet would make anyone strong and healthy. Joe became interested and began to try and study this question more deeply.

    Meat Keto Diet

    It turned out that low-carb diets have been offered by different people for quite a long time. Joe began to eat fatty foods and eliminated carbohydrates.

    Slowly, Charlene also began to try such food. The results were not instantaneous, but suffice it to say that asthma and eczema disappeared as soon as she excluded cereals from her diet.

    Charlene and Joe got married on August 8, 1998. By the way, 8 is Charlene's favorite number. For Charlene, it was the happiest day in her life, except for the days when she gave birth to her sons. Nevertheless, the newlyweds had to be the first to leave the party, since Charlene was not well.

    Soon, a doctor of alternative medicine diagnosed Charlene with Lyme disease. Charlene decided to take a break and thoroughly deal with her health. At the time, Charlene worked, studied MBA, finished her PT and nutritionist licenses).

    Anderson Carnivore Diet

    A more thorough study led the Andersons to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet. They tried various meals constantly and wrote down their feelings. Thus, they could understand how specifically certain foods act on their organisms.

    The fish and oil diet was the first diet when Joe and Charlene completely switched to a carbohydrate-free diet. Such a diet helped Charlene improve her health, but not completely: overweight, eczema, edema, acne, amenorrhea remained). Gradually, they switched from a fish diet, which lasted about a year, to eggs, poultry, and sometimes to beef.

    Charlene consistently wrote down any reactions of the body in her journals. As soon as she switched to animal fats instead of vegetable fats, she had ovulation, and then after two weeks, she had her periods. It was a shock. Charlene did not understand why none of the hundreds of doctors she visited did advise her to simply change her diet.

    Charlene and Joe continued their home studies. So they came to Blake Donaldson, who recommended his patients eat only beef and drink only water. The Andersons naturally tried this diet, and then all of Charlene’s symptoms disappeared.

    It was a victory. At last. It was just unbelievable for Charlene. However, other people were not in awe of the Andersons diet, so the Andersons soon decided that their diet would be their little home secret.

    Soon Charlene noticed that her nutrition perfectly tightens skin on her face and body, so Charlene abandoned her workouts, as she stopped needing them. Time began to reverse thanks to nutrition.

    The Andersons eat only ribeye and drink only water. They don’t even talk about it in their family. Everyone knows what they have for dinner today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Fatty ribeye is the Andersons' favorite and only food.

    For the moment, Joe Anderson and his wife Charlene, age 61 and 46 respectively, have been eating only meat for the last 20 + years.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2.jpg Views:	3 Size:	423.6 KB ID:	950
    Charlene Anderson at the age of 45

    Click image for larger version  Name:	-min.jpg Views:	0 Size:	269.0 KB ID:	951
    At the age of 46
    Today, Charlene designs and creates accessories and clothing, largely influenced by the eras of the 1940s and 1950s.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	m5a.jpg Views:	7002 Size:	188.6 KB ID:	965

    In this photo, Joe Anderson is 61 years old, and his wife Charlene, 46.

    Any disease is the shortest way to our body's decay and premature aging. Life without pain and disease does exist. Joe and Charlene found it. Fats + proteins + water is all that is needed so as not to age as long as possible.

    Please feel free to leave your comments and ask any questions or share your thoughts and ideas.

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    • VeggieObliterator
      VeggieObliterator commented
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      Very compelling story, thank you for writing this.
      I like the statement about having "good" arguments against them, but facts being the opposite. I mean, 20 years of doing it! If anything was to go terribly wrong, it would have already.

    • Addy Williams
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      Halle Berry's story is equally impressive, with over 20 years on the keto diet!

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