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Seven Types of Cancer That Can Be Prevented by Physical Activity


  • Seven Types of Cancer That Can Be Prevented by Physical Activity

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    After conducting a large-scale meta-analysis of nine scientific studies covering 750,000 people, US researchers have compiled a list of cancers that can be reduced by exercise.

    Moreover, for some of them, the risk is lower the more intense the activity.

    Scientists have long known that physical activity is associated with a low risk of developing certain cancers.

    However, it was unclear if there was a causal relationship and how much time it would take to exercise to achieve a meaningful effect.

    Experts from Harvard, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute decided to understand this issue.

    They conducted a large-scale meta-analysis of studies on the links between physical activity and the risk of developing 15 types of cancer.

    In total, the team summarized the findings of nine studies involving 750,000 people.

    It turned out that moderate physical activity in the amount of 2.5-5 hours per week and intense activity in the amount of 1.25-2.5 hours per week significantly reduce the risk of developing 7 types of cancer.

    The list includes colon cancer in men, breast cancer, uterine cancer, kidney cancer, myeloma, liver cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in women.

    Moreover, the more intense the exercises, the lower the probability of some of them.

    The authors acknowledge that their analysis has several limitations.

    For example, even with 750,000 participants, the number of people with some types of cancer was low and, the volunteers themselves gave an assessment of their own physical activity.

    However, these results demonstrate that physician-recommended levels of physical activity are indeed effective in preventing certain types of cancer.

    Besides, they can reduce the risk of a number of other diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    Exercise also supports the heart at any age

    It has become known that exercise supports heart health regardless of age. The worse a person feels before the start of training, the greater the effect.

    A course of exercise improves the physical and mental health of patients at any age, according to a new study.

    And the worse a person feels before the start of training, the more noticeable the positive effect.

    Regular exercise is beneficial for all patients with cardiovascular disease, regardless of age. This is the conclusion reached by Canadian scientists.

    Previous studies have looked at the link between physical activity and heart health, but a new analysis is much more detailed.

    The authors included all patients who sought help at the cardiology department of a hospital in the French city of Dijon from January 2015 to September 2017.

    733 participants were divided into three subgroups: under 65 years old, from 65 to 80 years old, and over 80 years old.

    All of them underwent a 25-session course of physical exercises aimed at cardiac rehabilitation.

    Before the start of the course and after its completion, the physical and psychological condition of the patients was assessed.

    The analysis of the results obtained confirmed that the course of exercises had a positive effect on the condition of the participants.

    They not only improved their stamina but also decreased the manifestations of anxiety and depression.

    The worse the condition of the patients was before the start of the sessions, the more the exercise was beneficial.

    In addition, patients under the age of 65 with anxiety and depressive disorders particularly benefited from the course.

    Unfortunately, not all elderly people in need can take part in such courses. Some do not receive appropriate appointments, while others are hampered by a lack of motivation.

    The study authors hope their work will provide doctors and patients with more information about the benefits of exercise.

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