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Sugar Harms Human Health and Causes Cancer


  • Sugar Harms Human Health and Causes Cancer

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    Until 100 years ago, refined sugar was not an essential part of the daily diet. Only very rich people could afford it.

    Today the picture has changed dramatically and for most people a day without a sweet dessert looks bleak and dull.

    However, over the past 100 years, the number of cases of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer has increased dramatically.

    Scientists first started talking about the dangers of sugar for the human body, in particular about the fact that it causes cancer, back in the distant 1920s. However, then the future Nobel Prize winner was unheard ...

    From a physiological point of view, our body does NOT need refined sugar. Yes, glucose is a source of energy: ATP molecules are created from it in the body, which are the basic source of energy for cells.

    But in addition to simple carbohydrates, which include sugar and fructose, complex carbohydrates can be energy sources, as well as, if necessary, proteins and fats - they can be converted into glucose in the liver through a process called gluconeogenesis.

    Therefore, the complete absence of sweets in the diet does not harm in any way, but on the contrary, as will be shown below, it can be incredibly beneficial to health (for simplicity of reasoning, we will omit the psychological aspects of the health benefits of pleasure).

    Sugar is food for cancer cells

    In 1926, the German biochemist Otto Warburg observed how cancer cells converted glucose (sugar) into lactic acid and suggested that this process is the fundamental cause of cancer.

    This gave rise to the hypothesis that if you exclude sugar from the diet, you can stop the growth of cancer.

    For many decades, the scientific community rejected this hypothesis, which could not but rejoice sugar producers.

    Biochemist Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1931 for his achievements in research on the mechanism of cancer formation.

    His mission was to find a cure for cancer, but his sensational discoveries were ignored by other scientists, as they looked overly simplistic and did not fit into the generally accepted concept of the genetic nature of cancer.

    In 2008, scientists from Belgium decided to test the Otto Warburg hypothesis, forgotten for 80 years.

    The result of their research was confirmation of the existence of a clear relationship between excess blood sugar and mutations in proteins within cancer cells that provoke further growth of affected cells*.

    Their official comment in one of the press releases is:

    “Our research reveals how the hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth. Thus, it is able to explain the correlation between the strength of the Warburg effect and tumor aggressiveness. This link between sugar and cancer has sweeping consequences."

    Does sugar cause cancer?

    The study authors note that the results they obtained are NOT sufficient to state unequivocally that excess sugar consumption causes cancer, or in other words, is the cause of the onset of cancer tumors.

    All they have proven is that cancer grows faster in a sweet environment.

    However, Dr. Mercola gives the following comment:

    "Earlier research suggests that genetic mutations that are present in cancer cells cause mitochondrial dysfunction, which in turn occurs due to excess sugar intake ..." The ring is closed. (Of course, sugar is not the only culprit. Our homes, cars, workplaces, streets are filled with hundreds of chemicals that are carcinogenic, meaning that they can mutate cells.)

    Cancer needs a lot of sweets

    In normal cells, energy is produced from glucose using oxygen. This allows you to get for each glucose molecule 26 ATP molecules - the basic energy molecules, which are used directly in the internal metabolic processes.

    Cancer cells extract ATP from glucose in a different way: by fermentation; they do not need oxygen.

    This process is called glycolysis and it requires less energy and gives much less energy at the output (only 2 ATP molecules versus 26!), But much faster than in healthy cells.

    This is extremely ineffective and the process can be compared to how if a person continued to strike fire from a stone, holding a lighter and matches in pockets.

    Why is cancer so extravagant? Rapid growth and multiplication of cells requires fast energy and, accordingly, the presence of large amounts of sugar in the blood.

    Otto Warburg was convinced that it is a defect in the mitochondria of cancer cells that allows cancer cells to quickly receive energy from sugar through anoxic glycolysis.

    This means that cancer is actually a metabolic disease, the cause of which is primarily an improper diet, or rather, an excess of sugar in it.

    Chemotherapy? operation? irradiation? or just remove sweets from the diet?

    According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world.

    Cancer is usually treated with surgical excision, chemotherapy, or radiation exposure.

    Most often, these methods can only extend life by several months or years.

    Their premise is that cancer is a genetic disease, which means that you can get rid of it only by directly killing cancer cells or by removing them from the body promptly.

    This approach absolutely does not take into account the failure of mitochondrial function due to malnutrition as a possible cause of the onset and stimulation of cancer growth.

    Therefore, the sick are cut, irradiated, poisoned with chemistry, and after that, they continue to feed in hospitals with carbohydrates.

    Recent studies in both animals and humans indicate that chemotherapy provokes the spread of metastases and significantly increases the risk of mortality, and can also damage DNA molecules in healthy cells, leading to the formation of new cancer cells that are resistant to treatment**.

    And again the same vicious circle ...

    A sugar-free diet is a new method of cancer treatment and prevention

    The Otto Warburg hypothesis of the relationship between sugar consumption and cancer, which has been confirmed by modern scientists, suggests, among other things, that limiting the consumption of products that are food for cancer cells can be an effective preventive measure against cancer, as well as a means of its treatment because cancer cells that do not receive fuel simply die of starvation.

    The most common cause of cancer is genetic mutations. This fact baffles hopelessness since it is beyond control.

    However, more and more facts indicate that the cause of gene mutations can be a dysfunction of mitochondria due to lifestyle errors, more precisely, nutrition, more precisely, chronic sugar poisoning of the body, which creates an ideal environment for the development of cancer.

    In other words, if your mitochondria are healthy, your risk of developing cancer is low.

    Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., author of "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer", has received numerous awards for promoting the idea of how nutrition affects cancer.

    He is one of the pioneers in treating cancer with ketosis.

    Ketosis is a condition in which the body uses fats as an energy source instead of carbohydrates.

    The state of ketosis is the goal of the ketogenic diet, which is now recognized as one of the most effective for weight loss, health benefits, and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, including neurological Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

    On the ketogenic diet, healthy fats are the basis of the diet (about 75% of daily calories), and carbohydrates are almost completely eliminated.

    How much sugar can you eat without harm to your health?

    Sugar is a recognized factor in the development of many other chronic diseases, including:
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • atherosclerosis
    • crayfish
    • stroke
    • diabetes
    • chronic liver disease
    • Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

    Based on the foregoing, an unambiguous conclusion can be made: if you want to be healthy and reduce the risk of many dangerous diseases of our time, the most correct solution would be to completely exclude refined sugar from the diet or at least limit.

    Make the basis of your diet whole natural products and stay away from everything that people have learned to produce, caring not about your health, but about maximizing their profits.

    What about fructose?

    While all forms of sugar are harmful, scientists say fructose is even worse.

    In the United States, it is especially popular to use corn syrup, which is high in fructose. Here's how one of the doctors at the Iowa State Clinic comments on this fact:

    “Your liver struggles to keep up with the speed at which corn syrup breaks down, which causes your blood sugar to spike quicker. High fructose corn syrup also gets stored as fat. So your weight increases and so does your risk of obesity, diabetes, and other problems.”

    Let's sum up
    • Sugar has become very firmly in our diet over the past 100 years ... at the same time, the number of people suffering from obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases has grown exponentially
    • In 2008, scientists confirmed the hypothesis made in the 1920s that there is a clear relationship between excess blood sugar and protein mutations within cells that stimulate the growth of cancerous tumors.
    • The metabolic theory of cancer is that sugar does cause cancer: it disrupts the proper functioning of mitochondria (cells that produce energy) by triggering a mutation process that is supported by regular consumption of sweets.
    • Modern cancer treatments completely ignore the fact that malnutrition can be the cause; the ketogenic diet that almost completely eliminates carbohydrates from the diet is considered one of the most effective against cancer
    • Scientists are categorical in the question "how much sugar can you eat per day without harm to health?": It is best to completely remove it from the diet
    • Scientists say that the harm of fructose far outweighs the harm of sugar

    * Ken Peeters, Frederik Van Leemputte. Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate couples glycolytic flux to activation of Ras. Nature Communications 8, Article number: 922 (2017)

    ** George S. Karagiannis, Jessica M. Pastoriza. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism. Science Translational Medicine 05 Jul 2017:Vol. 9, Issue 397

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