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How to Program Yourself for Longevity


  • How to Program Yourself for Longevity

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    We have the right and ability to determine our own longevity.

    How much you want to live a long, fulfilling life, for what longevity you set or program yourself, largely depends on how long you will live. But this is just a theory that everyone can try to put into practice.

    Let's speculate! No one has yet died because of old age. People die of natural death only from diseases.

    Therefore, the prospects are extremely simple - first, we cure existing diseases by all available methods, and then we will be engaged in prevention for the rest of our life. We destroy the enemy, and then we protect the borders from invasion.

    As long as there are no diseases, there is no reason to complete the path of life. In any case, there is no other reasonable explanation for the reasons for leaving this life. Accidents and violent deaths do not count.

    Living short is a bad habit. It is so common. We have been programmed that way, we believe in it and are not trying to rewrite the script for ourselves.

    People live according to the patterns inculcated by upbringing. Society is not encouraged to deviate from this norm.

    It is supposed to get married at a certain age - they enter, it is supposed to start aging after a certain age - they get old. Unconsciously, stereotypically!

    They reduce physical activity because it should be reduced with age. It is so accepted.

    Doctors do their bit to this, saying that you are, AT YOUR AGE ... And people believe that at their age you can be lazy, lie on the couch, do not play sports, do not monitor your diet and weight.

    People believe that at their age it is time to think about the soul, forgetting that the soul lives in the body and thus program themselves to take the queue at the cemetery.

    It is always important for us what people think and how public opinion will react to our behavior. It is public opinion that prevents us from behaving differently!

    If a person has not married before a certain age, society will constantly point out that this is not normal. If a couple got married, but they do not have children, public opinion will not be on their side.

    If an older woman decides to go in for sports, many will consider her not entirely adequate and say that she apparently has nothing else to do. Is there little to do with the household?

    Although, in fact, there is nothing more important than your own health. Many say that they do not have time to go in for sports, take care of themselves and their own health.

    If people say that they do not have time for something, then they have more important things to do, which require a first-priority decision and participation.

    That is, translating the message about the lack of time into English, we get that a person has some things to do that are much more important for him/her than health!

    Therefore, paradoxically, many people devote themselves to earning money at the expense of their health, and then they are ready to give any money to restore this health.

    People believe that they should live on average 80 years. They do not know, do not believe, and do not want to believe that it is possible to live much longer! What do you think, how long would a person live if he/she got into such a society where the average life expectancy is 150 years?

    Longevity can be suggestible. More precisely - self-hypnosis. It's your choice if you like. If you decided to live 100 years - live 100 years! If you decided to live longer - try it! Program yourself for this result!

    Set yourself up for longevity! Believe in this unconditionally, and the subconscious will be forced to implement this program.

    In any case, it’s better not to succeed than not to try!

    Why does placebo work (a substance with no apparent healing properties, used as a drug, the therapeutic effect of which is associated with the patient's own belief in the efficacy of the drug)?

    Because people believe that they have taken a healing medicine.

    Trust and convince yourself that you are capable of living up to a hundred! At least up to a hundred! It can not be in any other way!

    Let's try to understand the mechanism of action of placebo.

    What's happening? There are no healing substances in the "medicine". The cerebral cortex, that is, the consciousness, believes that treatment is underway and gives a signal to the subcortex, that is, the subconscious, which implements the treatment.

    This treatment is purely informational. Consciousness gives the command and starts the mechanism. But in the absence of an active substance, the body simply copes with the problem itself.

    The tablet here is just a symbol for the trigger button.

    If people unconditionally believe (or were inspired under hypnosis) that their hands are touched with a red-hot iron, while touching only with a pencil, a burn occurs at the point of contact.

    The neuropathological nature of stigmata is widely known. People walk on broken glass without getting cuts and dance on hot coals without getting burned. But this requires a special attitude. There is a mood - there will be no cuts and burns. If there is no attitude, a person will get injured.

    It is not necessary to understand in detail how this phenomenon works to use it. And only the fuse of disbelief in our own capabilities, built into us, prevents us. Therefore, drop the stereotypes of behavior, believe in yourself, and tune in to longevity!

    Of course, longevity isn't just about mood. It is made up of many factors: lifestyle, diet, way of thinking, etc.

    For example, dietary restrictions expose the body to nutritional stress by stimulating several biochemical pathways that help resist age-related changes.

    Physical activity stimulates muscles and the cardiovascular system. Only with physical activity, it is possible to improve blood circulation and maintain the body in a healthy state for many years.

    Striving for longevity as a goal is an important resource for maintaining health and well-being.

    The study results demonstrate that participants with a goal to live long show lower levels of functional disability, better scores on cognitive tests (episodic memory and processing speed), and better self-esteem for health, and fewer depressive symptoms.

    These data confirm the view that the internal attitude to a long and healthy life contributes to health and well-being, and therefore to an increase in life expectancy in the long run.

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