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What Are Keto Cheat Days? Why They Are Recommended and Why I Am Against


  • What Are Keto Cheat Days? Why They Are Recommended and Why I Am Against

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    From the title of the article, my opinion about the carbohydrate load on the keto diet is already clear. But if you are interested in my arguments and thoughts on this matter, welcome!

    What is a cheat meal and why is it recommended?

    A cheat meal, in the classical sense, is cheating food, cheating your way of eating.

    This term was coined for people who want to remove food restrictions dictated by diets or even the indications of doctors.

    The first idea behind cheat meals

    It is better to have a belly full of everything that is forbidden once every 1-2 weeks than to break down constantly.

    At its core, a cheat meal is a controlled breakdown or that small intermediate goal for which food restrictions are tolerated. Carrot in front of the donkey. But I didn't want to be a donkey.

    The second idea of what cheat meals are used for

    This is an attempt to speed up metabolism. This approach may be relevant for people with metabolic difficulties. Including for those who too lowered their calorie intake, which led to a slowdown in metabolism.

    Just keep in mind - it's not a fact that a cheat meal will help.

    Who recommends cheat days?

    In my humble opinion, cheat days are recommended by those experts who want to be more pleasant for their wards. Is it logical?

    They allow overeating any forbidden food sometimes to keep customers satisfied. And it is not customary to talk about mythical benefits of this, or even about the harm. They "care about customers"!

    Carbs loading on keto

    Sometimes I meet self-named keto experts. A self-named expert person is someone who knows little about keto or does not understand at all. So, they advise doing carbohydrate loads on the keto diet.

    I think this is similar to the advice to non-smokers to smoke or to drink alcohol with liver damage, but only less often.

    Perhaps they are confident in the benefits of carbohydrate loads. My opinion is that periodically constant cheat meals (eating sugar with a spoon once a week) on keto is harmful. Unambiguous and irrevocable.

    We will not confuse cheat meals and deliberate rare exit from the regime for a day or two (business trip, holidays).

    Getting out of keto is a way out for business and out of necessity, and cheat meals is eating cakes once a week with Coca Cola, doing this only for the very process of eating. And then, on the next day?

    Frying bacon in ghee again and eating avocado as if nothing had happened ...

    Now, why are cheat days on keto is a bad idea?

    First. Let's remember one of the main advantages and goals of keto - getting rid of carbohydrate addiction and changing eating behavior. Now answer yourself, a person who smokes once a week is a smoker? Yes. No options.

    It is impossible to get rid of sugar addiction and change your eating habits with constant cheat meals. You will simply grit your teeth waiting for the day of carbohydrate debauchery.

    Conclusion - cheat meals make one of the main goals of the keto path unattainable.

    Second. Your health. Have you thought about what happens to the body in keto adaptation? In short, keto adaptation is stressful for the body.

    What do make cheat meals? Cheat meals kick the body out of keto. Just with 1 glass of juice. And then what? Then you re-enter ketosis and experience all the same “delights” of keto adaptation.

    Perhaps in an abridged form, but not a fact. The more you are adapted, the easier the body will rebuild, but still, there will be stress! Constant stress for the body is bad.

    Who is highly discouraged from using cheat days on the low-carb diet?

    This is definitely bad for beginners. Beginners on the keto path simply cannot get out of constant adaptation.

    And then we read strange messages from those disappointed in keto: “Keto is harmful! Keto didn't suit me, I gained weight! Of course, I was in ketosis only half the time, with breaks a couple of times a week for chocolates, but I ate fatty foods all the time!"

    This option is still possible, for a keto follower with experience, when the body is easily rebuilt from carbohydrate to fat but is it good?

    NO. Constant carbohydrate loading will shake the body.

    The insulin swing will start again. Hunger will reappear. Again, addiction to carbohydrates will appear. You will simply return to the same world of carbohydrate nutrition with all its disadvantages. You should decide yourself.

    What about "keto adepts" who recommend cheat meals? They've been on keto for a long time and they should know what they're saying - maybe for such people, cheat meals is the norm?

    Well, first of all, a person who has actually passed the keto path completely will not advise eating "cakes with juice" once a week.

    Why? Because you don't want to! You treat cake and soda like a pleasant perfume from a passing person. Appearance and smell of cakes do not cause an attack of hunger, and if you eat them, it turns out that it is not very tasty. Even sugary-disgusting.

    Conclusion: only those who have not got rid of addiction and have not been able to change their eating behavior can advise cheat meals on keto. Believe them or not - it's up to you.

    What to do if you want something sweet on keto?

    If the desire to eat sweets arises at the beginning of your keto path, then there is only one answer - to endure. You need to get rid of carbohydrate addiction.

    This is precisely the physical dependence on the carbohydrate type of food.

    It is better to endure this time than to ruin all undertakings. At the very least, you need to go through a period of keto adaptation, teach your body to use decomposed fats as fuel. How much time is needed for this? One to two months.

    Next comes psychological addiction. In my experience, and I can only proceed from it, it takes about 3 months to change eating habits.

    I really stopped perceiving carbohydrate snacks as something desirable only after 3 months of keto. Perhaps someone in a week will consider himself a different person.

    For some, even a year is not enough. Listen to yourself and decide.

    An alternative to cheat days (carbohydrate load) on keto

    As always, there is another way, and possibly even several ways. When you consider yourself completely rejuvenated and free from addictions, you can try all the delights of keto desserts.

    I do not recommend doing this before, but I did it myself. In fact, on the keto diet, I don't want to cook desserts for myself more than once every 2 weeks.

    Remember, the right low-carb desserts don't knock you out of ketosis. Perhaps they only reduce its level, but the next day everything returns to normal.

    You have been on keto for a long time or you just really can't stand it – read recipes for keto desserts on this website. Prepare the right desserts. But try to realize that the daily consumption of sweets is bad. Even if it's low-carb sweets.

    When you change the style of food, you will again eat sweets and everything will return again including your addiction to sugar.

    Why not try to get rid of this addiction now? Moreover, the keto diet is a great tool for getting rid of sweet poison.

    So, do you think cheat meals on keto is a bad idea? Or is it quite normal, and I'm wrong? Please respond in the comments.

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