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Sport as Reliable Protection Against Diseases


  • Sport as Reliable Protection Against Diseases

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    There is a simple and reliable way to protect yourself from diseases. These are physical activity, exercise, sports.

    Illness is a crime against oneself! So, don't be a criminal! Avicenna said: "Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movement."

    Sport gives a feeling of muscle joy and emotional lift.

    Lifestyle changes can rejuvenate body tissues. Many disorders in the body that occur due to low physical activity are very similar to age-related changes associated with aging, such as cardiovascular diseases, sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, deterioration of blood formation, and many others.

    Regular physical activity is one of the most important components of human health and longevity!

    Sport activities are reliable protection against many diseases and a path to good health without drugs. To move is to live!

    Many diseases are associated with circulatory disorders in organs and tissues.

    Deterioration of blood circulation leads to a deterioration in their supply of oxygen and nutrients and poor excretion of metabolic products.

    Physical activity forces the blood to circulate more actively, improving metabolic processes.

    Of course, you should not have any contraindications for sports activities. Exercise should be reasonable and proportionate to your health and physical condition at the moment.

    Different types of training have different degrees of intensity, suitable for people with different physical fitness and motivation, and even with injuries and chronic diseases.

    I'll give you an example from my life. I had to have an operation to replace the lens of my eye. Before the operation, I was jogging.

    After surgery, the exercise was contraindicated for several months. And I wanted to run because it was already a habit. I went to the distance, walked it for the first time.

    Then I started jogging the last 300 ft. After a while, I ran up to 650 ft, then gradually increased the run distance and finally began to run fully again.

    If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! But rationality is needed in everything. Errors can lead to complications.

    The most rewarding and least traumatic sport is swimming.

    Protection against diseases and the health-improving effect of physical activity is achieved through:

    - activation of metabolism

    - strengthening the functions of the musculoskeletal system, improving the absorption of calcium

    - strengthening the muscles responsible for breathing

    - strengthening the heart muscle and increasing its efficiency

    - improving blood circulation, stabilizing blood pressure

    - increasing the number of red blood cells, improving the transport of oxygen to the tissue

    - reducing the risk of diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels by increasing its consumption. The possibility of curing the second type of diabetes mellitus by increasing physical activity has been proven

    - improving the psycho-emotional state, increasing resistance to stress, reducing the risk of depression

    Research from Tel Aviv University in 2010 showed that endurance exercise increased the number of stem cells in the body.

    Housework is not sport. Sport means purposeful loads. The heart rate is important here.

    To determine the maximum permissible number of heartbeats per minute, subtract your age from 200 (for women, minus another 10).

    Without aerobic (cardio) exercise, the functioning of the body is impossible. Due to exercise, oxygen is delivered to the muscles and heart.

    Aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, helps burn fat, and increases endurance.

    Moderate resistance exercise is very beneficial in terms of increasing lifespan. It leads to a decrease in circulating IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) in plasma, directing it to the muscles and the hippocampus, thereby significantly reducing the risk of cancer, as well as the risks of cognitive impairment and sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss).

    Physical activity protects against the development of various types of cancer.

    The hypothesis of biological mechanisms of physical activity associated with protection against cancer includes changes at hormonal levels, reduced body fat, increased immunity, and protection from free radical damage.

    Evidence indicates that 30-60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity is required to protect against diseases such as breast and colon cancer.

    Sport is an effective way to slow the decline in brain function and improve memory!

    Physical activity not only protects against age-related memory impairment but also helps people who are already struck by dementia, people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

    Sport is necessary for a person throughout their life. The best defense against diseases is sport!

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