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My Experience With the Ketogenic Diet


  • My Experience With the Ketogenic Diet

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    I have been on the ketogenic diet for more than 7 months now and I wanted to tell you about the first results, side, and positive effects.

    I heard about the keto diet for the first time relatively recently, my trainer in the gym advised me this diet when we made up the next program for me.

    The point of this diet is to change metabolism from getting energy from carbohydrates to getting energy from ketones - fat breakdown products.

    To do this, you will have to very strictly limit, almost eliminate the use of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should not exceed 5% of the daily calories.

    Protein intake should be moderate, about 20-30%. If you are actively engaged in strength exercises, protein can be slightly increased, this will be an individual adjustment.

    All other calories - 65-75% you should get from fat. These can be unrefined oils, animal, and vegetable fats. Fish, eggs, and fatty meat are our friends on this diet.

    Why can't you eat a lot of protein? Because our body is very clever and in the absence of carbohydrates, but a large amount of protein a mechanism called gluconeogenesis turns on and breaks down protein to glucose, and uses it as energy.

    If there is no excess protein, then fat is an easier way to get energy.

    Do not confuse this diet with the Dukan diet, paleo diet, etc., they are based on a slightly different principle and focus on protein, not fat.

    In general, you can read about keto lots of articles on I just want to describe my experience with this diet.

    I decided to try keto because I was steadily getting fat for the winter. Although my diet did not change, and training remained at the usual level, the weight grew.

    I have already given up in the winter. By the summer, the situation was improving, and I lost weight, without changing anything in my diet and training.

    When I told my trainer about this, he advised me to take a closer look at the ketogenic diet.

    For me, at the very beginning, it was absolutely wild to remove carbohydrates from the diet almost completely, greatly reduce protein, and eat a lot of fatty foods. It was counterintuitive and scary.

    And it turned out that there are a lot of carbohydrates everywhere. The most obvious sources are, of course, bakery products, sugar in all its forms, fruits, many vegetables, etc.

    But I'm a stubborn person, I decided to test myself.

    The first time, about a week, the most important changes in the body occur. The supply of carbohydrates (glycogen) in the liver and muscles ends and the body tries to find other sources of nutrition.

    In the first week, there may be weakness, apathy, fatigue. To be honest, I had almost no such symptoms. There were a slight weakness and loss of concentration, but it quickly passed.

    I began to observe myself. In the first week after starting the diet, my weight practically did not change.

    At the beginning of the second week, I continued cardio and strength training and the results slowly began to go, the weight began to go away. And he began to leave quickly!

    At the moment I have lost 13 pounds (6 kg) and my weight goes down further.

    What are the positive effects of keto for me personally?

    + From the lack of carbohydrates I did not die and feel great

    + Weight goes away steadily, winter did not become a hindrance to me

    + There is almost no feeling of hunger. This is explained by the fact that the absence of insulin spikes due to sugar and carbohydrates does not cause flashes of appetite at all. I often started eating because I had to, not because I wanted to. This is a very big plus for me.

    + Cardio exercises have become more effective. Now I have the energy to exercise on a treadmill or an ellipse for at least 1.5 hours, on weekends, 2 hours without a break.

    During cardio, the sweat rushes off me so that I am wet all over, including underwear, socks, sneakers, and the floor around. I have to wash the floor next to the ellipse after me, otherwise, it is a shame to leave the exercise machine.

    + Power loads have become less painful. After I increase the weight, the muscle pain is completely gone. Previously, after weight gain, the muscles ached for a while.

    + Less time is spent on food. To get my 1800-2000 calories from fat food, I need to eat very little of it by volume. This also reduced the volume of the stomach, which also pleases me.

    + I began to get enough sleep much faster, 6 hours is enough for me now.

    And what are the disadvantages and negative effects of keto?

    - The most obvious, of course, is a narrowed set of products that can be eaten and a large list of what can not be eaten at all, or in very limited quantities.

    - During the period of switching the body to ketosis, I had some problems with concentration, which quickly passed.

    - Meat, fish, and oils are not the cheapest products, although it depends on the country of residence.

    What conclusions did I draw for myself?

    Of all the diets I've tried, losing 30 pounds over the past few years, this is the only one that doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.

    Shure, this is a good diet to become my permanent lifestyle.

    Once again, this is my personal experience, each body is different and it is not necessary that this diet will suit you.

    Thank you for reading this, maybe someone will need my experience!
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