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Top 7 Reasons Why You're Always Hungry and Solutions


  • Top 7 Reasons Why You're Always Hungry and Solutions

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    Today I want to discuss with you 7 reasons why there is a feeling of hunger.

    Well, let's understand what or who is to blame and what to do about it.

    1. The first reason why we experience a constant feeling of hunger is insulin resistance (IR) and constant snacking

    It turns out such a vicious circle, where constant snacking generates IR, and because of it all the time you want something to eat.

    Let me remind you that insulin resistance is a condition in which a lot of insulin is produced in the body, but the cells become insensitive to it, close into the receptors as if they are burned. Insulin resistance has a very negative impact on health.

    If you suddenly have insulin resistance, if you are constantly hungry, then I advise you to eat no more than 3 times a day.

    This is necessary to reduce the level of insulin as much as possible. In this case, the food should be simple, whole. That is, the way nature created it. Not low-fat cottage cheese, not low-fat yogurt, but real whole natural food. And at the same time, it should be protein-fat.

    This is meat, butter, various steamed vegetables, but with the obligatory addition of fat (olive oil or melted butter), fat cottage cheese, fat sour cream, fat cream. Such simple and whole food perfectly reduces the level of insulin and fights insulin resistance.

    Besides, advanced doctors are already starting to prescribe such a low-carb diet (keto food) for the treatment of insulin resistance.

    2. The second reason for constant hunger is a lack of vitamins and minerals in food due to a poor diet

    Many products from the store do not cover the body's needs for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary for saturation.

    Therefore, the food should not only be whole but also rich in nutrients. A whole piece of good meat will definitely be better than cheese and nuts.

    3. The third reason is similar to the second one - it is also a lack of minerals and vitamins. But it occurs due to the low acidity of the stomach

    As a result, there is insufficient production of bile, as well as poor bile flow.

    When we have insufficient production of enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, this greatly affects the quality of food digestion.

    It is very difficult for the intestines to extract all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Because the food is not sufficiently processed with all the enzymes. It is simply located in the intestines and stomach or simply passes through transit.

    In this case, it is necessary to increase the acidity of gastric juice and to carry out measures to improve the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

    All this should be combined for your food to be perfectly digested and all the necessary minerals to be absorbed.

    4. The fourth reason for hunger, even after eating – is late falling asleep

    If you have a habit of falling asleep after 11 PM, the sleep hormone melatonin is not produced properly. And it, in turn, affects another hormone - the satiety hormone Leptin. Leptin is not produced enough and you feel constantly hungry.

    Conclusion: poor quality sleep = hunger the next day!

    Solution - normalization of sleep. This is a very serious issue that you need to pay attention to and throw all your efforts to normalize sleep

    5. The fifth reason you may be hungry is because you are thirsty

    In fact, in 90% of cases, the feeling of hunger is dehydration and thirst.

    So be sure to drink clean water.

    6. The sixth cause of hunger is insulin swings due to a lack of fat in the diet

    This is often found with low-fat cottage cheese and lean meat. Protein, like carbohydrates, increases insulin secretion. And fat, on the contrary, has the opposite effect.

    Here is a link to the study. It shows why fat reduces insulin response.

    So if you feel hungry, experiment with the amount of fat in your diet. You may not be getting enough of them.

    7. And the seventh reason for my Top why we experience frequent hunger is psychology

    We eat because of our psychological problems, ignoring the true causes of dissatisfaction with life.

    And this directly applies to both hunger and overeating. We often confuse hunger with trying to forget about some negative emotions.

    To determine whether you are hungry or something else, perform the simplest "BROCCOLI" test. Are you really hungry enough to eat a plate of boiled broccoli right now???

    If not, look for the cause anywhere but in hunger.

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    Causes of overeating

    Now let's look at the top causes of overeating. "That's enough! Starting tomorrow, I eat the right way...", but at the end of the day you find yourself at the refrigerator with a mouth full of the right products, but so tightly that your cheeks are about to burst.

    There are several main reasons for overeating.

    1. Mind games

    Our brain doesn't like to strain, it loves pleasure

    And the more pleasure you had before, or the tougher you announced your decision that things will be different now, the more likely you will face more resistance.

    Excuses will be used: I've been eating right all day, I'm good! There will be no harm from another permitted product. And then the dam breaks and ... you're full.

    The way out: understand and agree with yourself that useful and permitted products are not equal without control! Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, " Am I really hungry right now?"

    You have moved to a new level, eat 2 meals a day and therefore think that you can now increase the portion size.

    The logic is clear: until the next meal is not 4 hours, but 6-7, so you need to eat more! Such a stereotype of thinking in people who have lived for a long time in a regime of constant restrictions on both calories and the amount of food. They think that there is not enough food, that they will be hungry again. Therefore, they overeat.

    The way out: food is always there, food is available! Eat meaningfully, slowly chewing, and enjoying food and you will be surprised how much less food you can be satisfied with, while the feeling of satiety and comfort in the gastrointestinal tract will be much longer.

    2. Poor diet

    The paradox is that, despite the constant consumption of food, many are malnourished. These are “empty” foods that are poor in nutrients and minerals: industrial meats (sausages), processed cheese, baked goods, protein bars, etc.

    These products don't fill you up with everything you need.

    The way out: eat real, whole, and as simple food as possible

    3. Lack of food hygiene

    This happens very often in a restaurant because you have to eat everything that is paid for.

    And on vacation, especially in ALL-INCLUSIVE hotels, many people behave as if they see food for the first time.

    All-inclusive, doesn't mean it all needs to be eaten.

    The way out: be a reasonable person! Eat only when you are hungry! And remember that the vacation will end, and the pounds will remain.

    4. Female cycle

    From the 14th to ~ 22-25th day of the cycle, many women feel increased voraciousness ... The ovulation phase and the following days suggest that conception will occur, for which one must be energetically prepared.

    So, eat these days the most dense and nutrient-rich food.

    A good piece of meat will be much better than a keto bun.

    5. Eating disorder

    In light forms, you can cope with it yourself by keeping an emotional food diary in which not so many macros are entered, but your emotions and physical sensations after you have eaten.

    In this way, you can track the triggers that provoke overeating.

    Many people also note a lack of sleep as the main reason for overeating. And this is not surprising! And you can also work with this using an emotional food diary.
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