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Keto and Sleep: All You Wanted to Know


  • Keto and Sleep: All You Wanted to Know

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    • Introduction
    • General information about sleep
    • The importance of sleep on the ketogenic diet
    • What to do if you can't sleep on keto?

    In this article, I will tell you why sleep is important on keto, why we should get enough sleep, what to do if you can't fall asleep.

    Why does a person need sleep? Not on keto, but in general? In your sleep, you first of all rest – this statement seems logical. We wake up refreshed! But no, while you sleep, your brain and many internal organs continue to actively work.

    So sleep is rather a process necessary for a person to normalize metabolism, muscle relaxation, and, possibly, psychological and mental relief. Indeed, during sleep, the information received is processed and absorbed, and the level of cortisol (stress hormone) is significantly reduced.

    What will happen if you don't sleep? A person without food can live quite a long time.

    Without water for more than a week, under certain environmental conditions. Without sleep, a person can not normally exist for a week. At the same time, this mode has an extremely negative effect on the person.

    What's wrong with not getting enough sleep?
    • Accelerated aging
    • Health problems. Hormonal problems, risks of insulin resistance, risks of hormone-dependent types of cancer, and much more.
    • Problems with communication
    • Safety of life (driving, inattention)

    The importance of sleep on the ketogenic diet

    Why we need sleep at all, we have already understood, but how to link it to ketosis? It's simple. If we don't get enough sleep, we may not get ketosis. Why? Cortisol is to blame.

    Or almost everything is to blame, but certainly, the stress hormone plays an important role. If the level of cortisol in your blood rises significantly, you can fly out of ketosis like a bullet.

    It doesn't matter how many carbs you ate or whether you kept the fat balance. Sleep deprivation can also trigger a chain reaction when cortisol levels rise due to conscious lack of sleep, preventing you from falling asleep! As a result, you will exhaust your body, which will start starving without energy.

    The conclusion is simple - if you want to be in ketosis, get enough sleep.

    How much sleep do you need on keto? This is a purely individual question. Before keto life, I needed at least 8-9 hours of sleep. If I slept less, then I felt bad, got angry for no apparent reason.

    This is a clear sign of increased cortisol. Now 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for me, and I wake up full of energy and much kinder The main thing is that you feel vigorous, rested, and not irritated in the morning.

    You need to sleep as much as your body requires.

    An important point is not only the duration of sleep but also its time and quality. You need to go to bed before 11 PM. Why? Because the most important processes take place from 11 PM to 1 AM.

    At this time, our body is best restored and will get everything you need from sleep. The second is the quality of sleep. Do not sleep when the lights are on, and even more so when the TV, computer, radio, etc. are on.

    Even falling asleep you will continue to “look at the monitor”, and in the morning you will be overwhelmed and tired.

    What to do if you can't sleep on keto?

    How to fall asleep on keto

    Are you losing sleep on keto? Can't sleep? Tossing and turning and to no avail? First, you need to exclude the usual causes that interfere with normal sleep.

    1. Are you comfortable? t should be dark in the room, noise free.

    2. The room is not stuffy? Ventilate the room before bedtime.

    3. After eating, more than 3-4 hours should pass.

    4. Haven't you exercised before bed? It is better to exclude workouts before bedtime.

    5. You did not take coffee, strong tea, and other stimulants? They are stimulants and prevent you from falling asleep.

    6. Didn't you sit on your phone and computer until bedtime? The blue spectrum tells the body to sleep early. Cut out gadgets at least an hour before bed. Or use special glasses. (But it is better to abstain).

    7. Are you not experiencing serious emotional arousal? This is also worth fighting. Best of all, meditation before going to bed will help.

    Now let's look at what prevents you from falling asleep on keto

    1. The most common cause of insomnia on the keto diet is the period of keto adaptation, keto flu.

    And in terms of sleep quality, you should just wait out this period following the recommendations from articles on to ease the symptoms of keto adaptation.

    2. Excess energy due to switching to ketones instead of carbohydrates. Many people are just bursting with energy when switching to keto, after a period of keto adaptation. It seems that you can move mountains.

    This condition requires habituation and awareness. I've experienced this myself. You should use the standard tips. Do not exercise in the evening, reduce emotional tension with meditation, and do not eat before going to bed. Once you get used to the new amount of energy, you can manage to sleep. I did it!

    3. The balance of electrolytes. This is a very important indicator, both during adaptation and after. Elementary reduced calf muscle can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments in the middle of the night. It is better to take care of the normal amount of magnesium and other trace elements in advance.

    I only managed to solve this problem by adding supplements to my diet. Other options didn't help.

    4. The increase in cortisol due to the change in diet. This is relevant for sensitive people, in terms of cardiac changes in the diet. The tips are still the same. Calm down, prepare, fall asleep.

    An increase in cortisol levels can be provoked by interval fasting.

    If you have trouble sleeping, try increasing the number of meals and see what happens. I will tell you about the ways to deal with cortisol, stress, and in general about the emotional state, and how it changes in the keto mode, in a new article in the near future.

    By the way, I discovered a new feature on keto - I see bright and colorful dreams much more often. Whether it's good or bad I haven't decided yet, but it's become more interesting to sleep

    Pleasant dreams to you, friends!
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