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What is the Danger of Body Positivity? The Flip Side of a Popular Movement


  • What is the Danger of Body Positivity? The Flip Side of a Popular Movement

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    Avoiding extremes is not so easy. Not everyone can cope.

    Body positivity is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. It would seem that such a movement should have saved us from the problems associated with the cult of thinness and the notorious standards of society.

    And in many ways, a positive attitude to the body has borne fruit. First, the concept of beauty has clearly expanded.

    Now on fashion shows and magazine covers you can see not only a girl with perfectly retouched skin and without a single hint of fat but also an ordinary person with her characteristic features: overweight, wrinkles and folds, hair, individual skin features.

    In general, with all that, we all know so well in real life.

    Secondly, the new social trend teaches us to respect others. Bullying is unacceptable, especially if it is based on external signs: figure, skin color, facial features, or any diseases.

    In the end, body positivity helped many people accept themselves, saved them from anorexia, eating disorders, depression, and even desperate actions.

    After all, imposed standards of beauty are quite a strong guideline, and the desire to meet them in most cases becomes an unhealthy phenomenon.

    So, what is the danger of body positivity?

    However, there are also negative consequences of body positivity, which can be described by the phrase "from one extreme to another".

    Of course, we do not have the right to generalize and speak for all representatives of the movement. But, you must agree, certain problems against this background also began to develop.

    The number of overweight people has increased

    Scientists conducted a study that involved 23.5 thousand people who are overweight or obese. They have come to the conclusion that at the same time as plus size began to be positioned as a variant of the norm, there are more people with extra pounds.

    All because people simply stopped considering themselves overweight, noticing the existing problem and, accordingly, at least somehow struggling with it.

    Cancer Research points out that obesity is now the second leading cause of lifestyle-related cancers.

    According to the NHS, weight-related hospital admissions have risen by 18% in the past year, with more than a quarter (26%) of adults now classified as obese.

    Ignoring health problems has become "justified"

    From a medical point of view, overweight is always a problem for our bodies. It has a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system and leads to metabolic disorders.

    And according to statistics from the World Health Organization, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases among obese people is growing every year.

    Of course, some extra pounds appear as a result of a serious illness or injury — this is a separate case. But others face fullness due to an incorrect lifestyle, which includes junk food, excessive food consumption, addictions, and a minimum of activity.

    All this is due to a personal decision, and there is little positive to our health in such a choice.

    Another alarm signal is rashes on the face and body. Body positivity teaches us to treat them with tolerance, and this is correct!

    But people who suffer from such problems should be aware that rashes do not appear in an empty place. Acne, dermatitis, and other diseases are just an external reaction of the body to internal disorders that cannot be ignored.

    Aggression towards the thin

    This phenomenon does exist as a fact. Although initially, the trend instills tolerance for people with any forms, at some points it turns into aggression towards the excessively thin.

    Offensive nicknames of the thin hit self-esteem no worse than exactly the opposite meaning of the word. And girls with pronounced muscle relief are sometimes not called a fit girl, which sounds ironic, but masculine - and this is really rude.

    How to avoid harmful extremes?

    All these extremes are harmful both for human health and for an adequate understanding of the nature of body positivity.

    To avoid them and understand the essence of the social flow, it is important to adhere to simple principles.

    Listen to your body and its signals

    The movement calls for accepting and respecting anybody but does not ask you to ignore real problems. To detect them, it is important to listen to your own body and be more sensitive to its signals.

    If the weight — overweight or, conversely, too low weight — begins to cause you discomfort and pain, and also develops an unhealthy attitude to food, then you need to contact a specialist and start acting.

    The same applies to all types of diseases that affect the appearance: it is not necessary to be ashamed of them or despise them, it is necessary to treat them.

    Respect the right to choose

    This is one of the most important laws of body positivity, without which the movement would not be valid.

    Of course, you do not have to like other people and be liked by others, but in any situation, it is unacceptable to switch to insults and support bullying. Please respect yourself and those around you.
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