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3 Reasons to Drink Bulletproof Coffee. And a Big Reason Not to Drink


  • 3 Reasons to Drink Bulletproof Coffee. And a Big Reason Not to Drink

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    Why do we need bulletproof coffee?

    According to the idea of its creator, Dave Asprey, it makes us bulletproof. Just one cup and you are full of energy, you are ready to storm new heights and forget about hunger.

    Its recipe is simple: coffee, MCT oil, and butter whipped in a blender.

    It is very popular among us, fans of the keto diet. Let's find out what makes it so good.

    Hunger suppression

    Sometimes we don't have time or desire to prepare breakfast, but we are almost always ready for a cup of coffee. Then, if you drink not just coffee, but coffee with butter, you can solve two problems with one single action.

    Bulletproof coffee is such an ideal keto snack. Up to 500 calories from quality fats. You don't have to eat anything after that. You don't even have to eat.

    Fast and long-term energy

    Bulletproof coffee has MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil and butter. The first gives fast energy – it is burned very quickly and can not be postponed, so you can feel a surge of strength in a few minutes after a cup.

    MCT oil stimulates fat burning. The same is known for caffeine. So bulletproof coffee is a great way to turn on your "firebox".

    And butter acts as a source of long-term energy and an appetite killer. Well, it gives coffee a nice creamy taste.

    Clarity of mind

    The ketones produced by this coffee are great fuel for the brain. Coffee does not cause a rise in blood glucose, so it does not lead to a" pit " in a few hours. The head works clearly and stably. If you didn't wash down a loaf with this coffee, of course.

    Well, the ability of MCT and ketones to help in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease also, as it were, hints at the usefulness of such a drink for the head.


    What is the big disadvantage of this coffee? How can this miracle even have a negative side?

    Empty calories

    Yes. 500 calories and almost nothing else. No protein, no vitamins, no minerals. Therefore, some experts, even those who recognize the charms of the ketogenic diet, say that it is better to avoid this coffee.

    This is what practitioners often say, and I understand them well. Every day they see patients "on keto" who eat only coffee with butter and cheap sausages. Often it is better not to even talk about bulletproof coffee, otherwise, someone will simply stop eating normal food.

    But I believe in our adequacy, so I'm not afraid to talk about bulletproof coffee. But not as something necessary, but something that you can use if necessary.

    When to drink bulletproof coffee?

    As you know, you should approach your diet wisely. You must understand why you are doing this and what you want to achieve.

    And this does not require an adviser, large tables of products, and a poster on the wall. Real low-carb food will give you everything you need without any problems.

    If you have the opportunity to eat eggs, meat, fish, or vegetables in the morning, it is better to eat this, rather than coffee with butter. Seriously, it's obvious.

    There are literally a couple of cases in which it makes sense to drink bulletproof coffee. Here they are:

    1. Instead of breakfast, not to eat for a long time.

    Actually, this is what its creator recommends. For example, it helps me when I have no energy or desire for breakfast, and I am not in the mood to fast. I rarely put a lot of oil in there, so it's 100-200 calories, no more.

    As a result, I do not eat until lunch, which can happen at 4-5 PM. But the food should be definitely normal, and not just another cup of coffee.

    Another option is to drink this coffee instead of lunch. For example, at work, when there is no opportunity to warm up your food or go to eat in the dining room or cafe.

    2. As a snack.

    But here it is better not to overdo it with butter, and then your snack will be a full meal.

    I sometimes take MCT coffee or coconut oil in a thermos cup to work. Since I go to lunch at 5 PM, it helps me not to think about food.

    3. On the trip, where it is difficult to find low-carb food.

    If you don't want frequent business trips to disrupt your diet, coffee with butter can be a real salvation. Let everyone talk about empty calories, but it's much better to drink bulletproof coffee than eat a croissant.

    Otherwise, choose your food. In general, as usual, experiment and look for the best option for yourself.

    Bulletproof coffee is a great way to replace food or help you fast and go deeper into ketosis. The main thing to remember is that you will still need food.

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