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How to Prepare for the Keto Diet and Enter Ketosis - My Personal Experience


  • How to Prepare for the Keto Diet and Enter Ketosis - My Personal Experience

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    So, there are a few recommendations to start with. I do not specifically describe the principle of the keto diet. There's a lot of information on
    . I will tell you about my experience.

    I am such a person that I do everything at once sometimes it is more difficult but knowing my determination I never deviate from my goals. Of course, I understand that deciding to start being healthy is only 1% of the whole thing.

    It is important to start doing everything to move the situation from a dead point and you will not believe your success in just one week. I promise you that.

    How many times we hear from ourselves, so everything starts on Monday, but on Monday evening we realize that we have eaten a lot of bad things. It is important to be psychologically prepared and what is more important to understand - we want to be healthy.

    Ask yourself the question: do you Want to be healthy? If the answer is Yes, then you're on your way with me.

    First, you need to determine for yourself a meal plan and all that you will eat. This is a very important factor. Since if you have started or decided to start, you need to get rid of all foods containing sugar, cereals, and fast carbohydrates.

    Believe me, this will help you in a difficult moment and you simply will not find something that could lead you astray from the appointed path, and human laziness, as they say, is sometimes even a plus. You will not go and buy yourself a sweet treat with sugar, but just exhale and endure.

    I would advise you to give up extra sugar before switching to a strict keto regime. Do not add it to tea, coffee, or other beverages. To begin with, just stop buying it, and all that is left take it to work, give it to the neighbors, do everything that would get rid of it.

    Stay in this mode for at least a week. It is necessary to prepare the body for the future absence of sugar in the diet.

    Prepare your body to change fuel from sugar to fat!

    Believe me, after the first week of no sugar in the diet, you will notice changes in your body. The first thing I noticed was the skin condition. It has improved.

    Cravings may not be lost yet because you have excluded only extra sugar and it still enters your body with the rest of the products. This sugar. it's everywhere!

    You will be surprised that most foods contain sugar. Sometimes you think "why to add sugar here?", but it's there and it makes life very difficult. On the first day, I went to a vegetable store and bought broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, and a bunch of other vegetables that were recommended.

    You can eat any kind of meat. Cooked as you like. Start freeing your body from unnecessary things. Vegetables give a lot of useful trace elements to the body. They will make it easier for you to switch to ketosis. Watch the channel. Then there will be a lot of useful things. Keto.

    Entering ketosis

    So we move on to the diet itself. The preparatory stages are completed, we have given the body to understand how to work without sugar, or at least without the amount of sugar that it is used to.

    While you are preparing your body for this diet and the body is already beginning to experience a shortage of your favorite type of fuel, I think you still need to give a little theory. We want to understand what ketosis is, what ketones are, and how they are more useful than regular sugar.


    Ketones are by-products of fat burning. They can serve as fuel and are formed when you reduce your carbohydrate intake. The condition in which this occurs is called "ketosis".

    To enter ketosis, you need to reduce the carbohydrate content in the diet to 20-50 g per day. Carbohydrates activate the synthesis of a hormone that promotes fat accumulation.

    This hormone is insulin. If you only knew how many negative things can happen in your body with an excess of this hormone. Also, when there is an excess of fat-burning completely stops. In fact, insulin is our main enemy in this diet.

    Keeping your insulin levels within the normal range offers huge benefits. Carbohydrates and frequent meals keep insulin at a high level. After all, it was thanks to this new knowledge that I completely forgot about all the other diets that I had used before.

    After all, my old knowledge suggested frequent meals for the so-called "acceleration" of metabolism. At that time, I did not realize that eating 5-6 times a day in small portions I constantly raise the level of insulin in the blood, which cannot contribute to fat burning, since by its nature it is a fat-accumulating hormone (I will speak in simple words).

    Maybe experienced doctors will correct me, but I write as a simple person and I want my readers to just understand me. If we are fighting fat, then we will talk about it. Of course, insulin affects and nourishes a lot of things in the body, but we are interested in the fact that it accumulates fat.

    To enter ketosis and use fat instead of glucose as fuel, and finally start burning fat stores, you need to train your body to burn fat. You need to change the fuel source that your body prefers. This can take anywhere from three days to two weeks.

    I'll tell you what helped me switch to ketosis. It took me 5 days to realize that I was no longer hungry. Lack of hunger is the main indicator. Usually, it's not recommended to count calories, but given that this is a general indicator of the level of food consumption, I still counted them.

    I will say right away I am not a small boy and at one time actively engaged in bodybuilding and although all classes are in the past, I managed at that time to achieve certain results in terms of indicators and, accordingly, the set of muscle mass, too.

    Let's take me as an example because I'm talking about my experience. The number of calories I consume per day is 1500-1800 calories. You will not say much but there is one very important nuance. I use periodic fasting along with a keto diet.

    After 12 hours of fasting, when all the glycogen reserves in the body have already been used up, the body begins to release hormones that block the burning of muscle mass. Therefore, if you are engaged in sports and the loss of muscle mass is critical for you, combine the keto diet with periodic fasting. I will talk about it in detail in the following articles.

    In general, as you have already understood, it is necessary to reduce the use of carbohydrates to minimum: 0.7-1 oz (20-30 g) per day.

    Of course, at first glance, the amount of fat is impressive, but when consuming meat along with protein, we also get fat, so after a few days, you will understand that this is not such a difficult task.

    Cauliflower was my most frequent guest on the table, cooked very easily, literally 3-4 minutes in boiling water and it's ready. Very useful vegetable, I advise you to use it in the first days. If you follow the scheme of 1500 calories, carbohydrates should be no more than 1 oz (30 grams). I have a floating calorie schedule. The main thing is the level of carbohydrates.

    So, let's sum up. In the first days:
    • exclude all sugar. Even the one that is contained in the products
    • adhere to the above scheme for the number of calories
    • begin to read the composition of everything that you buy
    • do not exceed the limit of carbohydrates consumed
    • try to eat more fat. This helps the body stay full for longer

    Give your brain a little rest - Video of the day:
    Cicada makes sound!

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