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Keto Menu: Principles, List of Products, Keto Recipes


  • Keto Menu: Principles, List of Products, Keto Recipes

    In this article, I will give the basic principles of making a keto menu, share more convenient ways of keto nutrition, and of course useful tips.

    Basic principles of creating a keto menu

    If you have a desire to adhere to the principles of the ketogenic diet, it is extremely difficult to do this without a proper menu. At first, it was not clear to me what to eat on the keto diet!?

    To avoid any difficulties, it is better to create a menu in advance.

    The basic rules of a keto menu that I have defined for myself:
    • The menu is made for a week
    • Initially, we find keto dishes that we can prepare ourselves on
    • We independently check the indicators of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in each new dish. The indicators should have the same proportions as in the entire menu. You can't eat carbohydrates in the morning and butter in the evening. It's not keto.
    • We check the list of stop products. Exclude all products and dishes with included sugar, high carbohydrate content, and high glycemic index.
    • When preparing the menu, we choose more diverse food options.
    • After forming a list of dishes, make a list of products and go to the store. The goal - at home there should only be what you eat on keto. (Of course, if the whole family supports you).
    • Always add more water and minerals to the keto diet. After each meal, it is better to eat a spoonful or two of fiber.
    • We prepare food in advance. It is better to cook so much today so that it is enough tomorrow evening. The goal is when it's time to eat the food should be ready. Keto and buying a snack in a store or cafe are almost incompatible concepts. At least until you learn to find in any menu only what you are allowed to eat on keto. You can cook and just do it every two days in advance.

    Beginners have a question on how to count proteins, fats, carbs?

    It's simple – there are lots of special applications for smartphones. It is very convenient, you can change the parameters and ratios of proteins, fats, carbs to the recommended ones for keto and monitor whether you have overeaten carbohydrates and protein.

    In the program, just score the basic products of each dish by oz (grams) and watch the result. If, in the end, the whole dish together fits into the frame of proportion, then feel free to include it in your menu.

    I used such applications for several months at the initial stage of keto. I also recorded everything I ate during the day, to understand:
    • how different product combinations affect me
    • to what value can I raise the number of carbohydrates, without the threat of leaving the keto

    After a couple of months, such applications are no longer needed. Experience is gained, and you will already know for yourself what you can eat, what you can not, and what you can do with restrictions.

    Be careful. If it is written somewhere that white bread contains 2 grams of carbohydrates, it means that someone just made a mistake. White bread can't contain 2g of carbohydrates and still can't be eaten on keto. Be realists.

    List of permitted and prohibited foods on the ketogenic diet

    Now I will give an approximate list of foods that are not recommended and recommended on the ketogenic diet. In general, it is worth explaining that there is no ban on products as such.

    The question is the amount of what you can eat without restrictions, and what should be limited, up to a minimum. Except, perhaps, sugar and products containing its artificial inclusions. It is better to exclude sugar altogether.

    For example, strawberries. Strawberries contain 0.26 oz (7.5 grams) of carbohydrates per 3.5 oz (100 grams). If you eat 2.2 lbs (a kilogram), then you'll be kicked out of the keto mode. But if you add 1.7-3.5 oz (50-100 g) of fat cottage cheese 18+ % fat content, with sour cream 30-40% fat content, it is delicious, useful and does not harm keto.

    So, what is not allowed on the keto diet:
    • Sugar and everything that contains sugar. The list is huge, there is no point in listing it. Read the labels
    • Honey and its derivatives
    • Wheat, rice, buckwheat flour… any flour at all. Except for almond flour
    • All bakery products in stores. You can make bread yourself. My most delicious keto bread was made from almond flour
    • Potato
    • Pasta
    • All the cereals
    • Many legumes are cooked as porridge
    • Fruit with great care
    • A lot of ready-made food sold in stores and catering establishments

    Permitted foods on the keto diet:
    • Cheeses, heavy cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, and more, if there is no lactose intolerance, and you have passed keto-adaptation. Milk also should be avoided. It is better to use cream
    • Fatty meat
    • Oily fish
    • Eggs
    • Non-starchy vegetables, greens
    • Nuts. But be careful, some species have quite a lot of carbohydrates
    • Chocolate, Snickers.Yes, Yes! But only homemade. I'll tell you how to make it. I didn't find any suitable chocolate in the stores. Even for diabetics, chocolate is cheapened and spoiled by bad ingredients. Don't eat chocolate from the store
    • Cakes with buttercream and avocado cream. Delicious! But also only home-made following keto principles
    • And everything that contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates. Even if I forgot to mention something

    Examples, recipes for keto dishes

    The first course on the keto diet:

    This is the simplest and most primitive dish – fat meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables. It often helps me out. It is as diverse as possible. You can, by slightly changing the combination and recipe, come up with dozens of different dishes. And by adding a fat, carbohydrate-free sauce to the meat, we get excellent proportions of proteins, fats, carbs.

    The difference from what people usually eat is to replace the side dish with raw or fried vegetables. Delicious and healthy. Just use the right, healthy oil that doesn't release toxins when frying.

    The best oil for frying is avocado oil or ghee.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	zz1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.3 KB ID:	1226

    Keto pizza

    The recipe for the second course of the keto diet is the perfect dish for the road and work. Keto pizza!

    Product composition:
    • Mozzarella cheese for pizza 14 oz (400 g)
    • 4 eggs
    • 2.1 -2.8 oz (60-80 g) almond flour
    • Olive oil
    • Curd cheese - look carefully it should be sugar-free!
    • Tomatoes
    • Hard cheese, for sprinkling
    • Any allowed filling, vegetables, meat, pepperoni - the main thing is without sugar and carbohydrates

    Making dough for keto pizza:
    • Put mozzarella in a heat-resistant bowl, put it in the oven, and heat it a little until it starts to melt
    • Then pull it out, break the eggs, mix. Add liquid oil and stir
    • Pour out the flour. Salt and pepper. Mix very well
    • On a baking sheet, put the parchment and smear with oil. Spread the dough evenly
    • Set to bake at 350 °F (180°C) on the bread mode. Bake for 10-15 minutes until half cooked. The dough base is ready
    • Take it out and smear it with cottage cheese. And spread the filling. Any filling, from products useful to us
    • Pour the keto sauce over the pizza.
    • Keto sauce for topping pizza is a tomato without skin and the same curd cheese. Grind all this in a blender with seasonings to taste

    Sprinkle cheese on top. Then, put it in the oven until ready, it is still about 15 minutes.

    Bon appetite!

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    Keto cake

    Recipe for Keto Chocolate with nuts or as I call it - Keto Snickers.
    • Take coconut oil (or cocoa) 23% 1.8 oz (50g)
    • Drown in a water bath and add the grated cocoa 13 % 1 oz (30g). Heat and stir until smooth.

    * Attention! Not cocoa powder, but grated cocoa, or other preparations based on it!
    • Add a few drops of stevia syrup.
    • Separately, in a blender, grind and crush 57% 4.4 oz (125g) of dry milk cream*

    * Attention! The cream should be natural, dry, only from milk! Substitutes are a surrogate with a huge carbohydrate content. Powdered milk is also not suitable.
    • When the mixture becomes dust, add about 0.7-1.2 oz (20~35 g) of water. Knead with a blender until smooth.
    • Add this mass to the melted chocolate. Stir until smooth. At first, it may seem like it won't mix. We don't give up and mix. Remove from heat when it looks like a homogeneous chocolate fat. If small grains remain, try adding 10 - 20 grams water and heat better. Boiling should not be allowed. Next, add any nuts. I prefer peanuts, almonds, or hazelnuts.
    • Spread out on the forms and put in the refrigerator.
    • When the mass hardens, then the cake is ready! Store in the refrigerator and start eating the next day. I cut it into squares and just eat it like chocolate.
    • If you eat everything that came out at once, you will fly out of keto, but I think, a few cubes for tea will not hurt the keto diet.
    • It is worth trying several times if the first time it turned out not what you wanted. You can change something to your liking. I don't eat sugar, the amount of sweetener I described is enough for me. Do not use sugar substitutes with digestible carbohydrates and increasing sugar levels. This is the same sugar, but marketers just worked with it. There are sugar substitutes with glucose included. I don't know who came up with this nonsense, but be careful and choose a quality product.

    For your convenience, the chocolate recipe specifically indicates oz (gram) per serving and percentages of the total weight. You can change the quantity simply by observing the percentage. Ready-made chocolate without nuts and water is taken as 100%.


    I tried to describe in as much detail as possible the principles of making a keto menu and gave specific keto recipes. I hope the article was useful to you.

    Only on the described dishes, you can live for a couple of weeks without difficulty and discomfort. During this time, you will learn and understand the principle of nutrition on the ketogenic diet.

    I did not specifically indicate the final values of proteins, fats, carbs, just so that you get used to counting the proportions. This is a useful skill. Bon Appetit!

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