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How to Reduce Your Risks for Breast Cancer and Improve Your Breast Health


  • How to Reduce Your Risks for Breast Cancer and Improve Your Breast Health

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    In this article we answer probably the most common questions about breast health and also try to dispel some myths.

    — Why is it necessary to conduct a breast examination?

    For early detection of pathological conditions and diseases of the mammary glands. The earlier the disease is detected, the more effective the treatment.

    — At what age should I visit a specialist mammologist for the first time?

    The first visit to a specialist mammologist must be made at the age of 20. The doctor will conduct an examination, give recommendations, and, if necessary, draw up a plan for additional diagnostic measures.

    — What types of instrumental research methods are used today to diagnose the condition of the mammary glands?

    X-ray mammography, ultrasound mammography, magnetic resonance mammography, thermography and electroimpedance computed mammography, puncture biopsy.

    — Who is at risk?

    If your family has had cases of breast diseases in close relatives, you need to come to a consultation with a mammologist, who will draw up a program of diagnostic measures, including laboratory genetic studies.

    — What is called the "gold standard" of breast diagnostics?

    This concept means x-ray mammography. As an annual it should be carried out after 35 years, and as a diagnostic (according to indications determined by a doctor) - at any age.

    — Why you do not need to be afraid of x-ray mammography?

    Radiation diagnostic tests are performed on modern x-ray diagnostic devices, the dose of x-ray radiation is extremely low.

    The harm that can be caused to health in this case, according to statistics, is 100,000 times less than the benefit from the results of these studies.

    Breast cancer consistently ranks first in the prevalence of cancer, and x-ray mammography is a reliable method of early diagnosis.

    — What types of diagnostic measures can a specialist mammologist prescribe and perform based on the results of x-ray mammography?

    If necessary, this study can be supplemented with ultrasound and magnetic resonance mammography, as well as special methods for obtaining cell material from the pathological zone.

    — Are there new methods for diagnosing breast diseases?

    Science does not stand still! Modern x-ray diagnostic stereotactic systems allow conducting a biopsy of pathological areas and formations in the mammary glands with subsequent morphological examination.

    This method has long been included in the arsenal of conventional diagnostic measures in clinics dealing with women's health.

    The most important stage of preoperative breast examination is the intra-tissue marking of formations or suspicious pathological areas for their accurate identification during surgery.

    Using a stereotactic system, you can install the smallest metal conductors and staples-markers, which later serve as a clear guide for the surgeon and significantly reduce the time of surgery and its trauma.

    — What are the recommendations for the prevention of breast diseases?

    It is necessary to give up smoking and alcohol abuse. Starting from the age of 35, don't forget to visit a mammologist every year. Remember that early disease prevention and timely treatment will save your health and life!

    10 myths about breast health

    - Contrast baths for breast are useful - is this a myth?

    Contrast shower slightly improves the condition of the skin, because it increases the flow of blood, and therefore – oxygen, and other useful substances.

    Therefore, it can be considered that contrast water procedures are useful for the body, and, accordingly, for the skin of the breast.

    — Physical impact on the chest (blow, bruise, push, burn) can provoke neoplasms?

    There is such a theory, but it is not proven. By the way, if you follow it, then a person should begin to get cancer from the very moment they are born.

    — Does breast surgery using implants cause cancer?

    No. And this is proved by a broad statistical analysis. In the United States, the national regulator in the field of medicine, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), conducted more than 10 years of research on this topic, and in 2006 published the conclusion that silicone implants do not provoke breast cancer.

    — If you periodically conduct self-examination of the mammary glands, then problems can be completely avoided…

    This point of view is only half correct: problems cannot be avoided, but they can be identified in a timely manner.

    — Is taking oral contraceptives harmful for the breast?

    Hormonal contraceptives are prescribed by the doctor after the examination.

    — Is it true that the lack of regular sexual life negatively affects the health of the mammary glands?

    No, this is just a myth.

    — Can a tan cause cancer of the breast itself, or only of the skin?

    Properly acquired tan is very good for the skin and the body as a whole, contributing to the same excellent mood.

    Excess direct sunlight is likely to harm the skin, dry it to the state of "papyrus paper", lead to a violation of protective functions, and, perhaps, to malignant processes. But there is no direct relationship between sunburn and breast cancer.

    — If you do not breastfeed your baby, the breast will remain elastic for life…

    Wrong by 100%, because skin elasticity is associated with a hormonal background and some genetic features. You can always determine both an experienced doctor.

    — If you regularly jog, will your breast lose shape?

    Strange, but why do athletes look great and have a beautiful figure? Jogging, jumping, swimming, etc will not change the shape of the breast and will only improve the overall tone and mood.

    — Is it true that large breast is more susceptible to diseases than small one?

    There is no such connection. Most likely, a woman who leads an unhealthy lifestyle, or one who has a family history of breast diseases, will get sick.

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