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The Keto Diet Defeats Cancer. Cancer Prevention in 2020


  • The Keto Diet Defeats Cancer. Cancer Prevention in 2020

    This article has a strong headline and I have enough reasons for this. The point, of course, is not the ketogenic diet itself, but the metabolism that underlies it.

    The metabolic rearrangement that occurs during ketosis comes from within the body itself when carbohydrates are restricted in the diet. Ketosis occurs inside the body, and the ketogenic diet only supports it.

    This must be understood for adequate perception of the further article. We will also look at whether the keto diet is effective as cancer prevention for those who suspect an increased risk (cancer in relatives and cancer markers)

    We learned about this long ago

    In 1926, the German cytologist Otto Warburg " broke” into the list of nominees for the Nobel prize for his theory about the metabolism of cancer cells. Unfortunately, the Nobel Committee awarded Johannes Fibiger, who allegedly discovered worms that cause cancer. And even respected members of the Nobel Committee sometimes make mistakes…

    What Otto Warburg discovered

    Fans of alternative medicine and homeopathy love to distort the discovery of the scientist, so many find the wrong information. Long-term effects of toxins, radiation, industrial poisons on cells that have poor nutrition, lack of oxygen are the main cause of cancer.

    Gradually, stress and inflammation caused by the above causes lead to a disorder of the mitochondria. Mitochondria are light cells and producers of energy for its life at the same time. They use oxygen (aerobic) metabolism to create ATP — the only source of energy for the entire body.

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    Otto Heinrich Warburg

    Healthy mitochondria are the key to a long life without diseases and cancer. When the mitochondria are damaged by the causes listed above, the cell goes into survival mode. It returns to a more primitive form of respiration (sugar fermentation). This is an oxygen-free (anaerobic) metabolism and normally it occurs in the body constantly, along with oxygen.

    However, it is reserved and the body tends to use it as little as possible. Cancer cells are cells with abnormal metabolism in the first place. Their mitochondria are damaged, so they rely on primitive sugar fermentation.

    They stop using oxygen for food and it even becomes deadly for them. The result of their sugar metabolism is an abundance of lactic acid. Therefore, the cancer process acidifies the body when it exhausts its ability to maintain the desired pH of 7.35 – 7.45.

    Conclusions from the theory of Otto Warburg

    Lack of oxygen is not the cause of cancer, but its consequence. Acidification of the internal environment of the body is a consequence of cancer, not its cause.

    To weaken and destroy cancer cells, you need to deprive them of their main energy substrate- sugar | glucose | carbohydrates. at the moment, these discoveries and new refinements are at the heart of metabolic therapy of tumors.

    What do ketosis and the ketogenic diet have to do with it?

    The keto diet older than the discovery of Warburg. And for the first time, it was used against epilepsy with great effectiveness. In relation to tumors, it began to be applied much later, because the eyes of world oncology were directed at the genetic and immunological theory of the origin of cancer.

    Both theories are currently dominant in the mainstream, but this does not prevent them from being utter nonsense. For despite the abundance of research in their direction, the death rate from cancer increases every year.

    This also includes radiotherapy, chemotherapy, from complications of which the patient can die faster than from cancer itself. And the keto diet itself was demonized because of the damage it could do to the food and pharmaceutical giants.

    But every year information becomes more accessible, so there is great news about keto against cancer.

    Ketosis as an unfavorable environment for cancer

    What is it about ketogenic metabolism that the tumor cell does not like? First of all, it is worth noting that all the mechanisms described below are part of one global process — autophagy.

    Restoring mitochondria and oxygen metabolism during ketosis

    All cells in the body use more oxygen. This means that the mitochondria begin to work more actively and restore their functions. Healthy, trained mitochondria - cancer prevention.

    A global decrease in blood and body sugar levels

    Most cancer cells are so dependent on sugar that without it they will seriously weaken and die. Keto nutrition provides the lowest levels of sugar in the diet, and therefore in the body.

    Global reduction of growth factors

    Insulin and IGF-1 are the main growth activators of all body tissues. Both healthy and tumorous. During keto, their levels are lower than ever before, so cancer does not get an incentive to grow.

    Increasing the number of ketones

    A rare cancer cell is able to feed on ketones. Most of them, in principle, can not exist in an environment of an increased number of ketones.

    How the Keto diet works on animals

    On animals, keto against cancer has been tested for more than 50 years. Science shows how the ketogenic diet reduces tumor growth and improves survival.

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    How the growth of tumors in mice changes with different approaches

    Keto was compared with other diets. 60% of mice with cancer on the keto diet survived. Survival increased to 100% when mice were given exogenous ketones.

    Not a single mouse survived on a normal diet. Ketogenic nutrition was compared in effectiveness with oxygen therapy. The photo below is eloquent.

    How the keto diet works in humans

    One of the most recent studies (13.08.2019) once again confirmed the high dependence of cancer cells on sugar and also confirmed that the higher the blood sugar levels, the worse the outcome of cancer patients. There are no large clinical studies at the moment, or they are still in the process. But small studies and reports of medical histories appear every day.

    A comparison was made of the effect of high-carbohydrate nutrition and keto nutrition on the rate of tumor growth. The tumor grew 32.2% faster in patients on a high-carb diet. In patients on the ketogenic diet, tumor growth decreased by 24.3%.

    It is shown that the ketogenic diet in combination with radiation or chemotherapy gives complete remission in 3 out of 5 cases.

    Interestingly, when the diet was discontinued, tumor growth resumed in 2 out of 5 patients. In relation to progressive brain cancer, it was found that the keto diet can significantly slow down the growth of the tumor, or stop it altogether. However, in most cases, after returning to a normal chaotic diet, the cancer progression resumes.

    Quality of life of cancer patients on the background of the keto diet

    Patients who manage to maintain a stable keto diet, note an improvement in the overall quality of life. Let me remind you that keto is quite difficult to follow on a daily basis. It is devoid of all kinds of garbage and empty food with exaggerated taste due to the achievements of the food industry.

    Apparently, emotional dependence on tastes is difficult to overcome, even under the threat of death from cancer. Therefore, in studies, some patients refuse to continue this type of nutrition. Even though it can significantly prolong their lives or even save it.

    Real practice

    Whether the keto diet is used in the treatment of cancer There are already clinics that use ketogenic nutrition in their practice. The range of diseases that keto helps with is very wide and cancer is among them.

    For example, a group of Hungarian doctors use a strict Paleo Keto Protocol and achieve excellent results. They constantly publish reviews of their patients ' successful recoveries.

    It is safe to say that the benefits of the ketogenic diet in relation to cancer are real. Over time, there will only be more confirmations and studies.

    Limitations of the ketogenic diet in tumors and cancer

    Since the time of Otto Warburg, the understanding of cancer cell metabolism has deepened. Now we know that cancer cells can eat not only glucose but also glutamine.

    This is one of the amino acids. If glucose deprivation is easy to arrange, then with glutamine everything is much more difficult. But strategies in this direction have already been developed and are waiting for their mass application.

    A pioneer in this direction can be called Dr. Thomas Saperda. On his website, you can get acquainted with the latest news and approaches in metabolic therapy for cancer.

    The keto diet for the prevention of cancer and tumors

    As we have seen today, ketosis and nutrition that supports it, create an unfavorable background for the life of abnormal cells. This allows us to say that cancer is more of a metabolic disease than a genetic one.

    Consequently, the keto diet, as a component of metabolic cancer therapy, can also serve as cancer prevention in cases where we suspect a high risk of developing tumors (genetics, cancer markers, occupational pathology).

    Not in all cases of cancer, keto gives a 100% result, but it is effective in more than half of cases.
    • Because it cuts off many risk factors:
    • Hyperglycemia — excess blood sugar
    • Hyperinsulinemia — excess insulin in the blood and insulin resistance of the body
    • Excess IGF-1
    • Mitochondrial Dysfunction and lack of aerobic metabolism
    • Excessive suppression of autophagy by the listed factors

    By the way, it is not necessary to strive for ketosis every day. In most cases, a low-carb diet will be sufficient for prevention.

    Links to scientific research

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