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Personal Experience: How I Stopped Eating Sugar - My Unsweetened Life


  • Personal Experience: How I Stopped Eating Sugar - My Unsweetened Life

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    In this article, I'll tell you how to break out of the sugar captivity, why you should do it right now, and how to survive if you have a sweet tooth.

    What is the problem?

    It is no secret, especially for those interested in a healthy lifestyle, that refined sugar is very harmful to health. There was a lot of research, which each time confirmed the thesis that sugar is the "white death".

    But to summarize, I would note the following points:
    • sugar contributes to cardiovascular diseases, strokes;
    • excess sugar causes overeating and, as a result, fat deposition;
    • weakens the bones — because, to digest it, our body spends a large amount of calcium;
    • accelerates skin aging;
    • it causes dependence in almost everyone.

    And many other unpleasant consequences. Therefore, the surest way to improve your quality of life and even extend it is to give up sugar.

    How did it start?

    I have a terrible sweet tooth since I was a child, all sweets were my favorite treats. I grew up, but little changed: I could buy chocolate bars and eat them at once, and in the evening add a couple of slices of cake.

    And yes, it wasn’t too sweet for me - both the first and the tenth slice seemed equally tasty and very necessary. There were times when I ate only sweets all day, I literally lived "on cakes".

    Naturally, I began to understand that eating so many sweets is not normal and I need to stop. I began to search for information, read articles, but there were pitfalls.

    What problems will everyone face?


    The most obvious solution in my situation is to completely give up sugar. And, of course, the first breakdown was not long in coming. It was about day three when I was literally shaking and running for chocolate.

    Next, I tried to be less radical and allow myself a couple of times a week to "break out" for a few sweets, but in the end, it was all measured in bundles.

    I realized that we need to do something about it, namely, look for an alternative.

    Sugar is everywhere

    Since I decided to give up many foods in my diet, I began to flip the packages and read the ingredients. In addition to the fact that I found a lot of "E" and vegetable fats, there was sugar everywhere — even where it should not be in theory.

    For example, in salty products: pickles, some cheeses, pasta sauces, ready-made meals, milk, supposedly healthy yogurts, muesli, "healthy" bars. In general, the list can go on indefinitely, sugar is really in almost every second product on the shelves in stores.

    Sugar is not always sugar

    Yes, manufacturers are not fools either, and they mask sugar with these names on packages:

    glucose syrup


    dextrose (corn sugar)

    fructose (often not natural)

    hydrolyzed starch

    inverted sugar




    If you, like me, are a pioneer among your environment - wait for trouble (at least for the first time).

    First, you need to explain to everyone why you decided to give up sugar and listen to the arguments "you are a fool" and "a person cannot live without sugar."

    Secondly, when you try your best not to break down and wean your body from addiction, everyone, as if in concert, will offer cakes, cookies and everything that you are trying to fight.

    Third, you will have to learn to eat a common meal with everyone and explain to your grandmother why you will eat a raw food bar instead of a pie.

    What will happen next month?

    It is difficult for almost everyone to give up addiction, and I am no exception. There were plenty of breakdowns, partly because of what I forbade myself.

    It's important to understand why you do it, what you get out of it, and why it's actually better. The first week is always the most difficult. Sometimes I couldn't even concentrate on something because I wanted to eat something sweet.

    After a week and a half, you start to feel sweetness in those products that you didn't notice before. For example, bananas are now unrealistically sweet, I can eat oatmeal without additives, the same with some nuts.

    After a month, you feel like a hero. But there are times when I want to eat something at a party or on vacation. Sometimes I want a salad or a sandwich, and the sauce for it has sugar in it — it's terribly inconvenient. If we talk about some effect, do not expect miracles.

    Rather, it is about eliminating problems in the future and saving on doctors, at least on the dentist. I also want to advise you not to turn into a fanatic who will die but will not eat sugar. Listen to yourself, and if once a year or six months you want to eat your favorite grandma's pie - eat it.

    P.S. How to answer the most stupid questions and statements about sugar

    1. Why do you do this? Sugar is necessary to man, our ancestors ate it, and in general, you will feel worse without it.

    The daily norm of sugar recommended by the Ministry of Health is no more than 50 g. For a moment, one yogurt with filling already meets this norm, but this is not the only sweet food for the day? Also, refined sugar has no vitamins. Do you still think it's necessary?

    The necessary dose of sugar can be produced by the liver from fats (a keto diet), this process is called glycogenesis. No problems. Nature has thought of everything for us long ago.

    2. I don't have an addiction to sugar, and I don't need to stop eating it.

    In fact, sugar is addictive in the same way as caffeine or nicotine. There are exceptions, but very rarely.

    3. How do you survive? All sugar-free sweets are very expensive.

    Everything is so, but only at first glance.

    Firstly, fruits are quite inexpensive, especially oranges, bananas, and dates that have already taken root in our country.

    Secondly, the industry of healthy food products is developing, and bars have become much cheaper.

    Thirdly, in "normal" sweets, along with sugar, there are a lot of questionable ingredients that it would be better not to eat, even if it is not expensive at all. Finally, tell them that this way you plan to save money on doctors, from the dentist to the cardiologist.

    4. I don't eat sweets. So I don't use sugar?

    As I said, sugar can be found in very "unsweetened" products. I even met it in the soup once!

    5. How can you live your entire life constantly denying yourself something?

    It is not effective to forbid something to yourself, and you should not forbid yourself. If you want to eat something with refined sugar, you will eat it, but usually, you don't want to.

    Besides, giving up sugar opens up a world of other interesting flavors. I would never have thought, but cookies made from green buckwheat flour may be tastier than "normal". And I'm not kidding at all right now!

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