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Keto Diet. Why do Hollywood Celebrities Love It?


  • Keto Diet. Why do Hollywood Celebrities Love It?

    Megan Fox and the Kardashian sisters are thrilled

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    Eat fatty foods and lose weight at the same time? Sounds like something fantastic. It is not surprising that the keto diet, which involves this approach to the composition of the diet, once in a few years comes to the peak of popularity.

    If you can lose calories and at the same time avoid severe starvation and grueling sports, then why do you need all the other methods of weight loss? Therefore, many show business stars love the keto diet.

    What is the keto diet?

    The essence of the keto diet is that you exclude carbohydrates from the diet. And not only fast, but also slow. That is, we are even talking about giving up buckwheat and oatmeal.

    And then there is a deception of the body, which without carbohydrates independently begins to search for a source of energy. And it finds it in fat burning, which reduces weight.

    The irony is that in order to burn fat on the keto diet, you need to consume fat. It is fats that make up 75% of this diet. It is recommended to eat more meat and bacon, including fried and salted. Eggs, vegetable and butter, nuts, mushrooms, vegetables – all this will go to your advantage.

    But you will have to completely abandon flour products. As well as sugar, which is categorically contraindicated in the keto diet. So for sweet lovers, this can be a problem.

    By the way, the rules exclude corn and potatoes. And the use of any alcohol should be minimized, ideally excluded from the diet.

    Despite a number of prohibitions, the keto diet allows you to create a very diverse menu. It is not necessary to follow the principles of separate nutrition in this approach, so that fried meat can be eaten with mushrooms and eggs.

    And, perhaps most importantly, there is no clear framework for the last meal. There is no need to limit yourself after the standard 6 pm, you can eat later. Within reason, of course, and not ten minutes before bedtime.

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    Popularity thanks to the Kardashian sisters

    Keto has become a real hit thanks to sisters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Kim actively talked about this method of losing weight after giving birth, when she gained almost 66 lbs (30 kg). The keto diet worked well and allowed her to get back in shape.

    Courtney went on a diet when her body was found to contain high levels of lead and mercury. Kim prefers avocado salad, where she adds chicken and salmon. Sometimes the star is preparing meat on the grill and add broccoli or cauliflower.

    Courtney admits that in combination with intermittent fasting, keto gives the maximum effect.

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    Megan Fox was left without cookies

    The Hollywood star has been hooked on keto since 2014 and often uses it to prepare for various shoots. The actress says that the secret of success lies solely in strict compliance with all norms.

    She does not allow herself any indulgences in the form of so-called cheat meals, when you can allow yourself to eat something delicious once. Megan is great at motivating herself:

    No cookies, no scones, and no chips.

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    Fried bacon from Vanessa Hudgens

    Many supporters of healthy eating were shocked when they found out what the actress eats for breakfast. Before filming "Gimme Shelter", Vanessa started every morning with fried, salted bacon and avocado.

    And she lost as much as 19 lbs (9 kg)! For lunch, Hudgens preferred a curried salad, and the last meal consisted of a solid-sized steak and vegetable salad.

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    Halle Berry's elixir of youth

    Halle is perhaps the most loyal fan of the keto diet. And there is a reason for this: the actress has type 1 diabetes, so for her to refuse carbohydrates is also a necessity.

    Berry has made the keto diet a way of life, and in his 50-plus years, the star looks 30 years old and also got rid of any manifestations of the disease.


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    Drying of Alicia Vikander

    It was Alicia who replaced Angelina Jolie in the film about the tomb raider Lara Croft. For this role, Vikander needed to lose 13lbs (6 kg). The actress's trainer offered her "drying" in the form of the keto diet.

    Alicia used fish and other seafood as protein, avocado and coconut oil filled the body with fat. And the daily dose of carbohydrates did not exceed 25 grams.
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