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Why You Should Just Give Up Detox and Cleansing Diets Once and for All


  • Why You Should Just Give Up Detox and Cleansing Diets Once and for All

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    You do not need "cleansing" diets, "detox nutrition", "weekend express" diets, and other miracles. Because all these fruit and vegetable diets do more harm than good. And here's why.

    We can't remove all the toxins from food. In a broad sense, almost everything we eat and drink can be toxic. It's not just about alcohol or sugar. Even vegetables and fruits contain substances that can be toxic.

    Generally speaking, a harmful substance or a useful one depends mainly on the quantity. Even water can be deadly if you drink too much at a time.

    That is why every year people die while taking part in water drinking competitions. Usually, even 1 gallon in one gulp is enough for a person to die soon from hyperhydration.

    So anything can be toxic, especially vegetable or fruit juices, which some health fans are ready to absorb in gallons.

    You don't have to do this.

    How do detox programs usually work? One day you give up all food except some cabbage, apples, lemons, or some other vegetables or fruits, as well as water or green tea.

    Detox diets do not cope with the main stated task: they DON't help you lose weight.

    You need to understand that no vegetable or fruit-for all its useful properties-does not work wonders and does not "remove" anything from the body by itself. It doesn't purify your blood or liver.

    Detox is just a diet with a sharp reduction in calories, and nothing else. It's a kind of starvation. And to lose weight, especially for a long time, fasting does not help.

    Yes, it is possible that you will lose one lb directly in two or three days of detox, but this is not the weight that you planned to get rid of.

    All you will lose is liquid and a little glycogen, i.e., carbohydrates hidden in the liver and muscle cells. Both recover quickly after you return to normal life.

    Worse, such diets provoke overeating before and after the course. Like what you say to yourself: there is a difficult story ahead, I need to prepare for it. Or: mission accomplished, you can relax – and with this bright thought, you run into the nearest pastry shop.

    And this is more serious than it seems: seemingly harmless fasting can disrupt your normal relationship with food.

    Not to mention the fact that during a long detox, people usually feel weak, nausea or headache, sleep disorders, and sudden spikes in blood pressure. Some say that this is how "toxins come out" – but this is just an illiterate lie. So you're just starving.

    All the same applies to various folk techniques for cleansing the liver with olive or ghee oil, which different healers advise to drink glasses on an empty stomach, so to speak, to clean the liver.

    In narrow circles of naturopaths and their trusting patients, it is believed that this contributes to the removal of gallstones from the gallbladder. And that allegedly even in the morning these same stones are visible to the naked eye. The news is that these are not stones, but only the product of the reaction of oil and bile.

    I think it's all about mystical thinking. To drink a glass of oil – this brave act quite pulls on a ritual sacrifice, for which we expect a miracle, for example, cleansing the liver.

    Unfortunately, there are no diets or folk remedies that can purify the body. But there is also good news: the human body is designed in such a way that it cleans itself perfectly without help.

    The same liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, intestines - all these organs are constantly busy removing all the excess from the body. The only thing we can do here is not to interfere. So, here are rules that make sense to follow if you really want to unload your body.

    First: eat in moderation

    Although there is no food that removes toxins, there is a lot of food around us that delivers these conditional toxins to us. Eating one cookie instead of six is a detox.

    Second: Eat natural vegetables

    Vegetables that grow above ground - they contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, and other useful substances. As for fruits, fruits often have too much sugar, which is not very healthy.

    The same problem with most vegetables growing underground - usually root vegetables have a lot of starch that turns into blood sugar. French fries raise your blood glucose as fast as a piece of cake.

    According to modern scientific data, high blood sugar stimulates microinflammation in blood vessels, destruction of cells in the brain, and much more. If you just give up sugar and starch for a week – it will be a much more effective detox diet than a fast on the weekend.

    Third: drink water

    It is with water that all water-soluble toxic substances are removed. 8 glasses of water a day is a speculative figure taken from the ceiling, but the principle is correct – drink water instead of juice, soda, etc.

    Fourth: give your body a good break from eating between dinner and breakfast

    The rule "do not eat after 6 p.m." is the same nonsense as 8 glasses or any other specific figures. But at least a 12-hour break in food will help you sleep better, and your body – to rest from constant digestion.

    Fifth: throw out all dietary supplements

    Dietary supplements are evil. In the best and most unlikely case, they are simply useless. At worst, they simply load the liver and kidneys.

    The legislation is designed in such a way that no one checks food additives for toxicity, side effects, and delayed effects. And no one has seriously proven that they are good for health. Just get rid of them.

    That's all. There are no magical weekend detoxes. If you feel that you have allowed yourself too much, got carried away with some "intoxication" and you are tormented by the desire to quickly clean up your body, you do not need to rush to the opposite extreme: relax and smoothly return to normal mode. This will be your best detox.

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